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  • imdaman20072002 imdaman20072002 Mar 1, 2010 8:27 PM Flag

    PR: Zibo at 100% Capacity Utilization

    The problem is not that demand outstrips supply for the productwhich it does. The problem is management has failed to take advantage of their patented technology through licensing to other manufacturers utilizing existing facilities.

    I believe the CEO's control and arrogance to a degree has prevented SDTH from gaining greater market share while becoming a less capital intensive cash generating machine.

    If they build large facilities on their own it takes 1-2 years per facility and tens if not hundreds of millions.

    They have an exclusive "franchise" and are failing to meet demand.

    I used to have a six figure holding which is now down to four figures and I am glad, as the past couple of years have had me reallocate my resources to more responsive management companies in China resulting in greater returns.

    I wish SDTH investors well as I am a small one now, but I question what do they do now until the newest facility comes on? Why add an international sales guy when you can't meet domestic demand?