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  • saniel_dangler saniel_dangler Jun 13, 2012 12:14 PM Flag

    End of the Day Who Was Right?


    Well it has now been about six months since the miracle man took over at EXH.

    Since then we have had to hear about the Brad bromance and a bunch of hype.

    What has changed? Nothing
    Where are the big re-org changes? Non-existent
    Where has the miracle man made great changes? Don't see them
    Where has the Toad gone? Was he just a paid stock hyper?
    Hey did you notice the big change on the website? Big deal

    The stock continues to lose value each month. The honeymoon is over and reality has set in. This is a company that failed at a merger and has no direction. Can you believe the softball questions tossed to the lack of leadership team on the earnings calls. Was the price of the stock suppose to double with Mark Sotir said in a earnings call "I want to say EXH has a lot of potential." What a joke.

    I was the closest to being right. I said it would go back below $10 and I am only 1.5 months and 90 cents off. It will get there.

    EXH success or failure is driven by the price of gas. Low gas prices = low stock price.

    Don't expect the miracle man to turn a sows ear into a silk purse. As I said Brad is nothing more than just the 3rd CEO after a failed merger.

    Where is my severance package?


    Saniel Dangler

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    • boblarkson Jun 22, 2012 3:58 PM Flag

      Now, now lets not be rude to Nakatoad. Assuming Brad took over on 10/31/11 the stock is up about 18% since then. You do need to look at the bigger picture though.

      1 month performance -4.5%
      3 month performance -15.5%
      6 month performance +18.5%
      YTD Performance +15.4%

      That is nowhere near 50%.

      Nakatoad does fail to mention that in Dec 2011, Brad rode the stock down under $8.50 for only the second time in the company's short history. I guess we all forget that Brad was part of the Management Team that drove the stock from $80 to its current $12, a drop of over 85% of the value of the company. Those are minor details that Dorkatoad does not want to talk about.

      What about the Corporate Bond Rating - Downgraded to Junk Bond Status a few weeks ago.

      That was 100% during Brad's stay at the top.

    • I thought you claimed to be arguing both sides.

      The person who was right is the person who walks away with money. These message boards are useful for the little guy to exchange info to make money as the big guys move.

      Proving you are right in your anger towards your current or former employer seems kinda silly.