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  • dapxer dapxer May 22, 2002 2:48 AM Flag

    lack of help

    it seems to me that since adavance bought DAP
    Ive have heard alot about DM and Manager accountability?!?!?
    This has not been the case in my area!!

    also we had a big puff of smoke blown up our skirts about more help in the stores asap!!!

    well since the merger, buyout, fleecing, or whatever P.C. term makes you feel fuzzy about the whole deal has occurred ive seen 10X's the work and my stores staff keeps getting lower and lower and lower im now down to 6 people working in my store!!!

    1 manager
    1 assistant manager
    2 full timers {NOT A TEAM LEADERS}
    2 part timers

    1 that can only work nights mon-fri
    and one that can only work 3 week nights and 1 weekend day

    and this is becoming more and more prevalent in my area.. wonder why customers are flocking to the competition????
    heck AutoZone is building a brand new store in my division!!!
    but thats probably got nothing to do with there fully staffed stores!!

    hey does anyone remember those "Mulligrams"??
    that was when Jim Mulligan was in charge of planograms?? wow those suckt but since our last 4 trucks i sure wish ole jim was back and in charge of that again my store is a cluster do you think we could stack anymore crap in the back rooms with the Fel-Pro??
    i mean dang dude if you are gonna stock lift this junk atleast buy it back or let us throw it away!!! i can only swim in this crap and do your planograms for so long before i drown..

    hey can you guys come hire some people for us please???????????????????????????????????????

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    • Holy Catfish,
      The people do have a voice!!!
      I dont see how this company pays its managers sooper crap pay for this kinda stress!!!! Its unreal and then when you are fed up and ready to quit they offer to give you a paltry amount of money $30-40k per year and work you like a rented oh no a borrowed slave!!! You know like the shovel you borrow from the neighbor that you dont like and you treat it like crap cause if it breaks then oh well its the neghbors fault for buying a crappy shovel!!

      Anyway you people need to wake up you are training good people just to ship them off to NAPA, Autozone, PepBoys, Dealerships, and now the Tire Stores are stealing your people...
      Why would you teach people things like take care of your customer and team and then work your managers till they hate everybody around them..
      Then what about their wives and kids I thought you people were family oriented???
      Dont try to convience me of that pile O' Crap cause you all get to go home to your families while we work open to close until you come home one day and no one is home they are at your kids first t-ball game or ballet performance and because someone else who is tired of being worked like a mule called out to spend time with the family you missed your kids first something and broke their heart and sooner or later your wife says hey your Brothers been at that dealership for a year now I think it would be best for whats left of your family to go and go now!!!

      so instead of me calling

      1-800-481-4824 ext 2003

      to let you help me figure out how to run my store how about you go out and hire some people instead of sitting in your new Tampa home BBQing and enjoying your family, because if you Yankees are not careful before you know it you maybe locking the doors in Florida because youve run off your whole team!!!

      Get a grip this is not being sucessful this is being ^%$#@&%$#&$#$# RETARDED

    • as a reg. manager you can't hire. all the good
      app's that you do get. all you hear is that their not good for your store. retail sux we all know that but it really hurt's when you have people walk out and go to the comp. only because there is not enough help in the store.
      we have managers that are so stressed about planograms, cycle counts, weekly comps and goals, training, that their store looks like well we will say that it is not the gold standard that ya'll want.i see my manager evryday even on his day off his in the store doing something. a couple hrs off in the after noon is a day off for him. don't see how they do took 2 people 3 days to do the felpro change over.that is if you got the room and time to run from the counter and gaskets. your payroll is not that high to get me to do it and being short staffed, florida still carried the whole company the first qrt. if this is not true, i was missed informed but look at the numbers and you decide.

    • of course i have every right to complain they call you guys and girls managers and then they sit you in the corner like children???? and tell you that your not capable of thinking for yourselves!!!!

      im swimming in FelPro what an intergalactic nightmare!! oh and my tool isle is the best i mean Ive been to convience stores that have a better selection than us!!!!
      how many stores are out of 3/8 drive ratchets and all of the spark plug sockets??? nice to have add on items for the sale!!!

      oh and since it has come up on more than one occasion I have been with DAP as a Manager and now a as part timer for 6 years and have run stores that range between 100k per week and 30k per week ....

      it has always been this way i was just hopin and prayin that AAP would come in with big city ideas that work and fix our backward retarded ideaology but apparently we have corrupted the powers that be with our loonie ideas!!!! on how to increase the bottom line and screw our managers out of a personal life!

      trust me i wanted the banker hours i got the banker hours and i also wanted the pay so i got the pay its phenominal...

      i got a job at a premium car dealership in the parts dept...

      my ranting is not for me its for you guys i feel bad for you people i think you should all walk out the door until the DAP division wakes up and takes care of its "TEAM" !!!!!
      i mean look around is there enough people in your division to replace 15 managers right now?? we all know how to get the big raises just threaten to quit if not all you will ever hear is how the company is tightening its strings!!!! blah blah blah blah

    • That would suck and he has every right to complain then!

    • Hiring for the DAP stores is still being done by the key managers and DM's. They have not yet allowed store managers to do their own hiring.

    • Why aren't you hiring yourself an effective team? Advance mgrs are allowed to hire all they want as long as they make payroll objectives. The theory is that you don't need an extra body unless you have gone $1000 over projection for that day. We all know theorys don't account for phones ringing off the hook and the guy who has you look up everything on both his cars then buys nothing but that's how the game is played. Welcome to the wonderful world of retail management! Don't wait for "upper management" to fix your problems, it's your store...fix it. It's easier to make a mistake and ask for forgiveness than to do nothing at all. (plus you accomplish a heck of a lot more!)

    • I understand. but if you dont like it move on. If management wont help i think you should. if you really want to spend time at home, check out a carquest of napa if they are in your area, they usually work more traditional hours.

    • ok gloves off no chip!!!

      all i want to know is if the upper level management in my new found company is keeping such a close eye on things how come my kids dont know who their father is?
      And how in the world would i be able to figure out man hour dollar ratios ??
      our current computer system cant even keep the same time on 5 computers at the time!!!
      and if i could figure this ratio out what would it matter i cant replace anyone not meeting the $1000.00 cap you mentioned!!

      there is no perfect company and there is no perfect team.. but there is sure something lacking at advance auto parts

      ITS CALLED A TEAM!!!!!
      Try hiring one!!!

      thank you for your time and opinion its not a chip its delirium from lack of home cooked meals and sleep :-( :-o

      so please accept this as my apology i was not attacking you i was attacking the reasoning you were throwing my way because it only pertained to fully staffed stores which i am not in!!!!

    • I am very concerned about your comments and want to help you to break down any barriers that are preventing you from being effective in your job.
      Your challenges can best be resolved by contacting me, not by posting on a non-company related message board.
      Please do not hesitate to phone me directly at 800-481-4824 X2003.

      • 1 Reply to advanceap
      • thats all fun and games till my kids dont eat!!

        its bad enough they dont know who their dad is anymore!!!

        imagine if i got fired for being honest and open about my feelings!!!

        ive already been smacked once before for this!!
        thats why my name is not up there anymore!!!
        i used to be carefree and speak my mind but not anymore i have a family to provide for!!!

        free speech my employeed rearend!?!?!?

    • What is your store volume? what are the sales to employee ratio in your store? let the head of the company plan a visit and i be you get more help! though only temporary.

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