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  • exadvancemgr exadvancemgr Jan 8, 2003 7:45 AM Flag

    any opinions?

    Does nobody have an opinion on all the layoffs and cutting of full-timers hours?

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    • why should you not be able to post whatever you want? what happened to freedom of speech?
      Just because you don't agree with something you should be axed????

    • I hope something like that never happens. I realize stock-wise it would be great but I think competion is good for everyone. First for the customer but also for the employees.Can any of you remember back to what the payscale was when Advance or PopAuto was the only game in town?
      AATeam, hope that you get good participation on your new board. The one for AZO closed up because as great as our company can be, employees were too intimidated to participate. Although I try to never post truly negative comments about either company, you can be fired for posts on these boards.

    • What are the odds? Really? Wouldn't be a bad move. Highly unlikely, imo.

    • did u ever notice how when companies begin to merge with another company they begin to take on the ideas of the controling company. has anyone noticed the similarities in advance's structure to auto zone's. soon guys we can start chanting we are number 1 cuz we may have been bought out by number 1 AZO (just an opinion, no fact yet)

    • There's been programs here and there. I'm not talking grand business stragegies by any means. Zones the big boy for a reason.

      There's supply chain tactics, DIFM philosophies, lines of goods, methods of service etc. The point to illustrate is that AZ hardly comes up with everything they do first and then everyone else copies them.
      Everyone watches the pack to see what everyone else is up to regardless if they are in the front, back or somewhere in between.

      I was just reading some the machismo banter going back and forth with the AZ guys on the board. Thought I would get a crack in.

    • Team player I had been real impressed by your posts till you wrote "AZ has been letting the smaller guys do all the pioneeing for years and THEN copying what they have done." I really thought you had more to you than just quoting the company line. Many years ago when AZ recruited me AAP sent someone from corp to take several of the managers to lunch to do a scare talk on AZ. He told out right lies such as AZ would promise us all this money then when we got their new stores up and running that they would raise our quotos to impossible so they could let us go. AZ has never had a quota in my 10 years but AAP did and does. And I know for a fact that lots of your AZ folks left under less than desirable circumstances. I'm not downing anything about AAP besides their computer system. It's been upgraded 3 times since I left and still doesn't compare to AZ's but you have alot of good people and good ideas, just as AZ does. But if you want to keep your credibility with anyone over 18, give us a break on "the little companies doing the innovative pioneering for AZ"

    • If you have been in this business very long at all, you will know that every company has defectors. Heck my store alone has at least four people that have worked at length for other companies. Our company has bunches of ex-AAP guys too. Everybody thinks the grass is greener on the other side. Explain to me how the little guys pioneered for AZO. I would definitely be interested to here the story. Also, I would like to know where we're running off the road? Look at sales numbers!

    • theone324 wrote: "Look at Advance, they are a carbon copy of AZO. They don't need any upper management to make decisions, all they do is copy AZO. Uniforms, Store appearances, slogans, they're all copies. The view from the rear never changes!"

      I had to chuckle when I read this. AZ has been letting the smaller guys do all the pioneeing for years and THEN copying what they have done. Not a bad business strategy, let the other guys take the risk and then smother them with your vast amount of resources if the idea panns out.

      Trust me we have enough ex-Zone execs on the AAP Team to know. Keep leading from the front AZ because you keep running off the road and loosing ground while looking over your shoulder. Not trying to be mean here just thought I would share my perspective.

    • I'd be interested on why you left AAP.

    • I concur!

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