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  • drippan2003 drippan2003 Oct 28, 2004 6:03 PM Flag

    Full Time Slash Reduction Store Level

    Hey folks,

    The Store Manager and I sat down today and he told me some pretty messed up news.

    Each store at AAP will only rate 4 or 5 full time employees. It is based on the volume of business each store generates. That means 1 manager, 1 asst manager, 1 second assistant and another manager. If your lucky to have commericial program, this means that you rate a 5th person who is a parts pro.

    The rest of the team is going to be made up of part timers who maximum hours will be 24 a week.

    The reason given to me was that they want to reduce the benefits paid out to the full time employees. It is an excellent way to save money but the corporate will suffer in the long run.

    Here, they are crying for ASE part people but how are part timers going to fill that slot. Also, most part timers do not know or have the knowledge on store operations or how to up sale.

    I have been in the parts business now for 19 years, am the most knowledgeable in the store, sale the most parts in any given week, been ASE certified for 8 years, been with AAP for 6 years, was manager for 2 of those years and was manager of the year for both years. I stepped down because of corporate "dictatorship" starting with MPT (which is going away). Also, even after I stepped down, the DM asked me to step in at other stores when he ran short of managers.

    Now, for my reward, they say I can take a part time position at the store, losing all my benefits that have accured over the years. I guess this is the reward I get for being a loyal employee at AAP!

    This is my own personal story, but this is happening company wide come the 12th of November.

    Has anyone else heard of this or know what is going on?

    One of our other employees has been with us for 5 years and they already told him to either step down to part time or go to unemployment office. I'm not even sure unemployment will pay because they are still offering him a part time job.

    Just another line of crap it appears to be coming from the top.


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