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  • yatesleonard yatesleonard Nov 25, 2004 10:31 AM Flag

    store staff

    Yes payroll is the biggest expense that a manager can control. But when you only have two or three employees waiting on 250+ customers in one day not counting commercial or phone calls no, wonder morale is down. Then you have your DM asking why things are not getting done. I have worked for both Autozone and AAP, its the same both places. I got out of the autoparts business and said I would not get back in it unless I worked for myself. That way I can treat my employees like human beings instead of like property that someones owns. Every manager feels this way they are just afraid to come out and say it for fear of loosing their job which would happen in a heart beat. Some one said the good old days would be nice but that will not happen as long as a thing called money comes before anything else and this includes God, family and country. How unfortunate.

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    • Your arrogance might be quite annoying to some. It is quite comical to me. As for success, I feel sure that I have seen more success in my life than most, certainly you. You might also try to have some original ideas rather than the wall street 'party line.' Are you still thinking out of the box? I'll bet you have the T-shirt.

    • That means an answer wasn't expected.

    • Good Luck with your new job. Hopefully it works out better for you.

    • You hit the nail on the head! Everything you said is 100% correct. I was a 20 year veteran and simply got fed up with the BS. It is exactly why I left. Some of us have the balls and some don't. Before any thing is said about store performance I met my budget, I made my payroll numbers and my store was immaculate. I simply got tired of the abuse that so many of you tolerate!

    • As's bpm the self righteous to the rescue.....he has all the answers. Standing tall behind a company that's been throwing their best people to the dogs, and cutting payroll when their d.m.'s are driving new high dollar company vehicles and half of them aren't even showing up in the stores to do their required, once per period store evaluations. But this time of year it always happens....the d.m. calls you...and tells you you have to save him $200.00 in payroll this week.(despite the fact that you are already running a delivery store on less than the 285 minimum hours that it takes to run your store.(this according to the mpt dept)So you do it...and the following week he wants more...why?...because he's not the one working the extra hours in order to save the hourly dollars.......Just one of the many reasons I left advance. Say what you want bpm...most advance managers would jump ship in a heartbeat if they had time to look for another position...the sad thing is...they don't. Good luck to you guys still fighting it in the smaller stores that don't have the mpt hours that bpm does. I've been there...and i know how bad it really is. I also know the d.m.'s pet when i see him...the guy that gets the high volume store with all the payroll..and a budget that only reflects a 5.4% comp...enjoy the gravy train bpm....but it's not that way at most stores...and none of your fellow managers confide that to you because you're obviously the boss's pet manager.....wipe your nose off and maybe you too can wake up and smell the coffee. toodles...

    • Could you point out my reply that you found to be demeaning?

      I would like to reread it as that was not at all my intention.

    • Well there...I guess you told me.

      You are making a lot of assumptions but I guess this is we'll just leave it here. Good luck with your investing.

      The best days of AAP are still ahead.

    • I agree that is your business.

      My point in asking was to point out that it is none of your business where other team members are located so perhaps you should stop asking in order to goad them into revealing idenifying information.

      People can provide information thinking they have a kindred bond with others in their shared positions, only to find what appears to be, isn't always just that.

      If you speak to only what you know, then how can you speak for other divisions in your company unless you are privy to top level management decisions? I doubt, given your position as a store manager, you know more than you have to know, at any given point.

      Let these gentlemen have their say and discuss their topics. It is of little concern to you since you reportedly have a firm hold on your position in the company.
      Your demeaning and arrogant attempt to belittle them and their credibility only serves to reinforce negative attitudes by stock holders who may view these boards.

      If my local manager were to have a disposition such as what is displayed here, I surely would have gone to other retail outlets to make purchases.

    • Never do you have less than 4 employees per day...stores don't open with less than 2 nor do they close with less than 2 and these are only the extreme low volume most cases staffing is above these levels.

      Good luck at your next job.

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      • How wrong wrong you are.. I have myself opened several times by myself at 8am and the opener never came in.. I called my DM who was about 20mins away.. He never came to help or could any other local stores because they only had a mgr and another employee working.. The next 2 came in at noon.. IT happens in retail period......

      • you are right it is never opened with less than 2 nor closed with less than 2. yet when you just have 2 and folks walk out because you have customers in front of them that need a lot of parts or help with a project the customers behind them get frustrated and set the oil or wash & wax products down and walk out to go see a competitor!
        A new competitor in town had a sign up that said "We value your time Do not stand in line"
        If that is not a direct statment of the situation in the store they are competing against !
        So how do you combat this you cut payroll and hold down hours to save payroll right!!!!!!!

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