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  • ss0073 ss0073 Feb 27, 2009 12:20 PM Flag

    Advance Auto Parts scams customers

    PLEASE READ!!!!!!! When buying batteries from Advance Auto Parts, check the warranty period VERY CAREFULLY! They give you a useless, bogus, warranty. They warranty batteries for 90 days with NO PRORATED period. So, if you spend 79.99 on a battery like I did, and it goes bad 9 months later, you are S.O.L. They dont care, all they offer to do is sell you another $80 POS. They dont care about the public like they say, all they care about is putting the mighty dollar in their pocket while screwing the public. Well, they got their last mighty dollar from me. With any luck, they will get what is coming to them in this economy.......BANKRUPTCY!

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    • Folks, let's get something straight here. I hear battery arguments all the time... so let me put out the facts (as I always try to do).

      Johnson Controls produces the Autocraft batteries for AAP. They also produce the Interstate, DieHard, AcDelco, Motorcraft, Mopar, Everstart, PlusStart, Duralast, and several other brands of batteries out there. Yes, let me repeat... the Interstate and Autocraft brands are produced by the same manufacturer!! Gasp!!

      SS, I'll certainly agree that Advance has it's problems but if you didn't get a replacement battery after having it for only 9 months... I can only conclude 2 possibilities. First, Advance is testing the battery and discovering that the battery is good... or it's weak (alternator, wiring, etc.) and they are successfully charging and retesting it (ask them to keep it overnight and test it again the following morning). The other possibility is that you're referring to a motorcycle battery. I believe those are straight one year prorated warranty... and to my knowledge, that's inline with all the competitors. Unfortunately, the person who initially sold you the battery probably gave you incorrect warranty information. Advance's employee retention rate and automotive knowledge leaves something to be desired. Best of luck!


    • why don't you put strong sell when you put such bullshit about my company on the net. we have 2 and 3 year free replacement batteries, and if you have 3 bad batteries in a year you def. got another problem. the only battery with a 90 day warranty is a tractor battery.
      u wouldn't try to do that, would u?

    • you should go to pep boys and get your charging sysyem checked

    • I am sorry but not sure which Advance Auto you are dealing with but I myself have had three batteries from them and they have gone bad within a year and they have given me a new one in return.

    • You are a moron, I'll bet you didn't even buy your battery from AAP, find your receipt. The warranty is good, providing you are not trying to cheat someone.

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