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  • teammpt teammpt Jul 27, 2012 12:47 AM Flag

    what to do now and how to survive?

    Well Sad but many of us have wondered why we are in such a position.Is it or could it be our leadership running out of ideas? Leadership? Maybe. Lets look at a few programs. One was home delivery.This was tried in a few markets and it failed. There was service station. We spent millions on this and this was a "service" that all the stores do from driver to gm. So what was the purpose? This is a non existing program now.
    Ignite? Will this work? Its a way to get termiminate but sold as a learning tool. Wait till the turnover numbers climb again.
    Another issue. We have opened stores that have not bloomed should I say. We have have terminated (more turnover), gm after gm in the store then to relocate it and start the turnover cycle again. Is the the gm or upper leadership? Ignite 2, Its a company roll out on how to "manage" people out. If ignite 2 is such a part of culture in our company then why not spend millions on it in a meeting like everything else? Is it not important enough? We had a conference call on it. Its not hard to learn to manage someone out. As far as our Gms are concerned we are now suppose to be the lead salesperson. General manager? Should be lead RSP with keys.
    If you look at most of our competition they have tried and failed in many of the "endeavors" should I say. Is our decision based on facts from the past or leadership who have never been down this road? Experience in the field helps not just number crunching executives who think they know how this "unique" type of industry works.
    I am happy as well as sad that I left. Maybe next gm conference we can change our cheer again for whatever new directive we head into.

    Let me end in asking... "are we trying to re-invent the wheel?"

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    • Leadership!! What Leadership. The leadership at this company have no clue how to run an auto parts store. Their all from big box stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, or Lowes. Upper Management talks about "service is our best part". What about the employees who show up everyday doing their job in a environment that feels like your being bullied. If you don't meet your sales goals every month you are subject to termination. What a joke that is. The big three auto parts stores(AAP,AZO &ORLY) all offer about the same style of service. They talk about "Ignite" as a tool to "get customers to buy". No, its more like nagging customers to buy. People don't mind you recommending items they may need for a specific job. But, to push every add-on or item of the month gets them irritated and you end up pushing them away.
      Thers nothing wrong with offering service, but our main objective is to sell parts. This company doesn't stock enough parts for late model vehicles. We constantly are pushed to sell what we have in store because we can't get the right parts. Most store have lost sales of at least $2000 or more a week due to no availability of parts. Management wants to be a big player in the "Do It For Me" commercial sales category but doesn't want to invest in the tools that the Commercial Parts Pro's need to be successful. We need the availability of parts to offer shops that day. Not next day or two days, that same day within hours. We would like to tell our customers that we have it in stock or we can have that later today, not 1 - 5 days. When most employees aren't feeling threatened, they're discussing how big of a joke this company is. Most emloyees feel under appreciated. Most upper management have never even worked in a store and have no clue to what the employees go thru everyday.
      This management needs to be replaced with Leaders who have been in the automotive parts business for years. We will always follow instead of lead the industry.

    • I am amazed by the money and time spent on Ignite without the buy-in from the Team. part of the issue is the lack of commitment from the DL,RVP level. It's used as a hammer, but not to drive sales results. Honestly I understand. A lot of pressure out there and great leaders leaving the company/getting canned. I think this cycle will report weaker numbers than the street expects. If you are still in the company, get ready for the real fun to begin...

      P.S. Sorry to see you go F.S. you were respected...

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