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  • jinqiu_lu jinqiu_lu Feb 18, 2005 4:47 PM Flag

    To lccs


    Yesterday morning was a perfect trap for long to get in when it broke the upper trend @21.4. I actually brought 500 shares when it broke out. When it failed to knock out the old high at 22.5, I smelt that something not right, so I closed all my 7k holding around 21.3.

    Just like I said, a symmetric triangle in a strong upward pattern is something undecided, if is safe to walk away and wait the clouds clear.

    I don�t normally post here. It was your comments draw me here. It was a real pleasure to discuss with you.


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    • incx will open over 23.5 on tue.

    • fine, whatever, i'm actually long for 300 shares at 20.7. So please refrain from being so presumptuous. I clearly said there is no telling what this UNPREDICTABLE stock will do, as anyone can see from the historicals, it sinks and pops without much warning. Anyways, this was a good forum to chat in until you began being so rude.

    • here is another fucking SHAKESPEAR
      and why do you keep saying "we" you'r a short fuck talking down this stk..cause if you'r a true trader especially day trader you there is no telling with this stk neither chart nor volume nor nothing moves this stk except for news and momentum may be.. again there is no telling with this stk so get lost fag

    • I don't think it will close up, this might be turning point for this stock. The indicators suggest a last dieing breath. I'm hoping for a wild day on tuesday myself. You may only have one chance to get out, as far as 22, I dont think its going to happen. We have penetrated farther into the 15 EMA curve than in recent weeks, the last time this happened the next day was a large range then it declined riding the 15 ema, then there was a huge surge but 7 days later, look for the peak last year when it went from 25 to 35, that was the last time this happened. After that peak, then down trend started, I dont think there is nearly enough volume to support a move that high again.

      My hunch is it will hit the HOD from friday, and then depending on volume go who knows where....

    • I read your message...unfortunately my break even point is about was around 21.5 then I wrote a check against my high do you think it can get on tues and do you think it will continue if it is up on the close...I think for it to continue, it should be above the 10 ema at the close which is now 19.65...otherwise I should try and get out around there on tues (hopefully if it gets there)

    • a 62% retracement would be at 20.5 roughly. that or around there would be a good place to buy back in sometime next week.


    • GRU is holding 200 ma line on 15 minute chart. it's also showing positive divergence. Recent action is good for a day-trade but looking at daily chart, it's not looking good. Unless that STO improves, i wouldn't take a position.

      good luck!

    • Using my 3-day rule for INCX, Wed is Day1, Thu is Day2, and today is my Day3. That is why I close half position at today�s closing high. Tue before market open and 1st � hour we might see a short-term peak. I will close all my positions if volume is not picking up or price sudden surge above 24.

    • So I've been mulling this over quite a bit. This stock (airt) has been a real monster to predict, I have been following it several months, made a good bit and am happy.

      Now, I'm in long, ok price, but uncertain about upcoming movements. I've taken the time to run the usual technical indicators and well, heres what I think.

      This stock historically has ridden above the 5 day EMA when advancing and slightly below when declining. Also, I look at 15 day EMA too, in the past few weeks, every time the stock closed below the 5 ema, the next day we saw a huge dip in the morning and then a huge surge in price. Take a look at the last few weeks, everytime the stock got close to the 15 ema, it shoots right back up. Right now, we touched the 15 ema at close, sitting right on top of it around 19. Because of this, if we get a strong open on tueday, i'm hoping for another pop.

      Next, looking at bolinger bands, we're still trading in the top half, thats positive..

      Another key point is that we have completely pulled back to the 100% fib from last friday's surge. This is a major support level. Also, we're at the 62% fib retracement from the surge on the monday before that. This does set the stage, if the market is right, for nice pop up.

      Another good point is that today could have been a sector related event with the near mirror image of wlda and airt on the intraday charts.

      Other indicators are muddy right now, Tuesday will be an interesting day, historically it always dips low off the opening, MM shakeout or just people panic selling, and the price gets right for buyers, but then pops right back up. With that in mind, I'm hoping for the surge. But afterwards it maybe time to move on for a bit....

      But, this stock is sooo unpredictable and I'd hate to sell only to watch as it surges 20% while I'm working another play....plan for a busy day, hope for up in premarket or really hot futures for the nasdaq. Also would be nice to see a final surge in volume....


    • Keep your profit target NOW. When price crosses that, see how it's doing on the chart. If technicals are still good (say PPO and STO not trending down), then keep that target as your stop and keep that stop moving up...Preferably sell before earnings...

      Look at the INCX chart. It had similar move like AIRT today.... It has had a great fall, then rallied... then broke 10 EMA on Feb 7 and then bounced back from 20 dma (middle of BB).,uu[h,a]dacayyay[dc][pc10!d20,2!

      Another rule - When STO or RSI reaches 95+, sell. That's an indication of overbought condition. Very few stocks sustain those levels for longer time.. typically when trend is very strong they do.

      good luck!

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