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  • billberggren billberggren Dec 20, 2005 9:18 PM Flag

    Stock Options are not incentives

    they are ownership theft. The large shareholders vote for them, but the thing is they also have contact with management. 50 percent of the CEOs in america should be in jail. At least, the federal government should put a homeless shelter on their lawns so they can feel how a large shareholder can take from the small shareholder. FU BTH management hope you rot in hell.

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    • 0; about 20%; My trading system consists of for charts, financial statements, and marketedge for their "second opinion".

      You don't really need much. I would not characterize BTH as a short play anymore. I have not had a short position for a few months now.

      To qualify the 20%, my shorting activities last year (for all positiongs) left me about even. I probably should use tradestation or something similar but I don't have as much time to spend studying charts and researching charts -- hence why I have no longer have short positions.

    • shorting ?

      How much did you make trading BTH last year ?

      What kind of software (trading system) are you running?

    • Every company uses options as a reward for very valuable employees and incentives for exective officers. If you used properly, options make a very good incentive. If used like this, they are, in effect, nothing more than complicated personal checks from the real stock holders.

      Welcome to BTH -- the short selling training ground. Selling this stock short is less risky than investing in it. That really should tell you something. I do hope that they will be able to go ahead with some spinnoff or something in order to save value for their shareholders. It is getting sad.

      I would love to see stock options ammended such that an executive absolutely cannot exercise the options until earnings and sales have increase susbstantially over 8-10 quarters. After about two years, these things will start racking up and execs would have every incentive to correctly run the corporation.

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