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  • wolffenrir wolffenrir Dec 27, 2005 1:46 AM Flag

    Stock Options are not incentives

    Every company uses options as a reward for very valuable employees and incentives for exective officers. If you used properly, options make a very good incentive. If used like this, they are, in effect, nothing more than complicated personal checks from the real stock holders.

    Welcome to BTH -- the short selling training ground. Selling this stock short is less risky than investing in it. That really should tell you something. I do hope that they will be able to go ahead with some spinnoff or something in order to save value for their shareholders. It is getting sad.

    I would love to see stock options ammended such that an executive absolutely cannot exercise the options until earnings and sales have increase susbstantially over 8-10 quarters. After about two years, these things will start racking up and execs would have every incentive to correctly run the corporation.

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    • T-bills like the Chinese and Quit your whining.
      The government doesn't need to get involved in the stock market or public companies problems.

      There is a piece of paper called a prospectus which you should have read, about risk.

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      • What the shit are you talking about? I made quite a lot of money short selling this stock and am not whining. My point was that company boards should ammend the way options are awarded such that the transaction provides executives with the maximum incentive to ensure the long-term success of the company. Who said anything about the government? You don't get a prospectus for stocks and investing in BTH is about as risky as they come short of pink slips. Fuck off.