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  • lordburger1 lordburger1 Sep 26, 2013 7:41 PM Flag

    Days to cover

    Days to cover has gone down from 25 (more favorable in short squeeze) to 11.
    Shares Outstanding 16,013,000
    Shares Short* 5,567,293
    Short Interest as a % of Shares Outstanding* 34.77%
    Days to Cover 11.58
    via Fidelity

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    • Shares outstanding includes institution and insider ownership. The "Days to Cover" ratio decreased because the average volume doubled. Keep in mind the number shares shorted have wend up 3%! Here are the real numbers:

      Short Interest (Shares Short): 5,567,300
      Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio): 11.6
      Short Percent of Float: 85.65 %
      Short Interest - Prior: 5,407,200
      Short % Increase / Decrease: 2.96

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    • Someone is wrong. Just 2 days ago there was banter about there being no shares left to short. What is the real number of shorted shares? Is the percentage 35% or 85%? Need an accurate count.

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      • I placed that banner piggyface, It was true and probably still is for my brokerage house IB. Here's the reason "You 'borrow' shares from your broker" if they don't have shares to lend you then there are none to be shorted. I can't speak for all brokerage houses only the one's I have access to. Finally new shorts have no effect on the shares already shorted in other words the shares already shorted must be returned. If the brokerage house calls them in, the person who shorted has to buy them. That's what creates the squeeze.

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      • Dont confuse shares outstanding with the public float. Insiders own 51% (or more now) of the 16.1m shares outstanding, so that would leave a little under 8 million and then institutions who own 5% or more own another 1.2m or so, knocking the public float down to 6,85m (verify at Yahoo Finance). Sources vary in how that calculate the float and some may be using stale figures, but we know its somewhere between 75 and 85.65% of the float that is sold short

      • NASDAQ shows this. Last updated 13 Sept 13. Same shares short, same days to cover...11.

    • Current volume shows
      Volume on 26 Sept: 1,151,566
      10-Day Average Volume: 802,411
      90-Day Average Volume: 258,666