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  • piggyfacefatty piggyfacefatty Oct 3, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

    Finally, SHORTY in the house!

    I was beginning to get really worried... I thought I had piled into a speculative play- betting on this rocket fuel short squeeze- but there were no SHORTS around. Not a SHORTY to be found... For 2 weeks, I've been on this BTH board with nary a peep from SHORTY. Then - BTH shares make an about face yesterday when unable to break through $14.80... BTH follows thru today with a real crapper day for the LONGS... Like I say, I was worried. I feared that this party was all hype and short lived... I also felt LATE. I worried this little PIGGY was the last one to the party... Afterall, I only got involved in this trade after BTH had moved from $9 to $12... I was one worried porker...

    Now, I get to the board and what do I see? SHORTY is here! SHORTY has joined the conversation finally!!! I could not be more relieved. I feel much better now. You see --- it takes two to tango.


    Fact: You will get fried. There is no other way this thing plays out. It's a numbers game that is completely tilted toward the LONG scenerio.

    Question: Will you be flash fried - If CVSL files showing they are acquiring more than 5% stake? Or will you be sauteed as more and more MM and whales catch a sniff of this bacon? Or will you squeel as the anaconda squeeze of insider buying and MLM fanatics investing in their livelihood picks up pace?

    I am glad you are here - SHORTY board presence has ended my worries!

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL LONGS. The road goes on forever, and the party never ends.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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