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  • jesterbunk jesterbunk Feb 9, 2011 12:29 AM Flag

    TTWO earnings THQI stacks up and thoughts...

    Devil's Third is probably a decent pick-up for THQ, yes. I doubt it will comp well against their 2011 internally developed and owned IP's though. I assume Itagaki will be taking a high royalty, and in keeping with his previous games and Japanese action games in general, I'll be surprised if it's a huge seller. Bayonetta was one of the best games of 2010 IMO, but it didn't sell very well.

    If you look at the likely FY13 line-up versus FY12, FY13 still looks light. You can't suddenly expect all the internal teams which have never been on 12-month schedules before to suddenly start doing so. They'll need a lot more than a Japanese developed third party game in 2012 to comp the internal studios output in 2011. Volition ships 2 games this year, next will be 2013. Kaos ships 2011, probably closed later. That Ubi guy hasn't started work for THQ yet, so that's probably 2013 or later. Relic ships Space Marine in 2011, and they're not exactly known for prolific output, as seen by their failure with COHO - supposed to be out a year ago and cancelled last week.