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  • fisherham23 fisherham23 Nov 27, 2011 4:25 AM Flag

    SR3 sales vs THQ exceptions

    Let's put things in perspective here:

    THQ said that SR2 shipped just under 3m units in FY 2009 and that they expect SR3 to ship at least 3m units this FY (end of March).

    This is the only benchmark we should measure SR3 against. SR3 should do slightly better than SR2 for THQ to meet its prediction.

    Well, according to vgchartz, it did a lot better.

    SR2 Americas sales in the first week were exactly 300k units (223 xbox, 77 ps3)®=America&date=39740

    SR3 USA sales in the first week were 520k units. Add to that the rest of the americas and you almost get a double.

    UK sales were also strong with a forty something percent increase vs SR2. And Japan was off the charts.

    And SR3 has a higher critic rating and judging by Raptr stats, gamers just love it. It should have a long tail in terms of sales.

    BTW, according to vgchartz SR2 sold through 2m units in FY 2009.

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    • Don't forget SR2 also launched in October and SR3 launched in November.

      Meaning the FY sell through wont be comparable.

    • Now that's a relevant post and comparison. Right on! THQI's estimate for SR3 during this FY is 3M as you said. It is not more, nor less. This is the consensus. So this is the benchmark. Period. David, you do a disservice to everyone by throwing out misleading and unfounded estimates. Just stick to the facts and wait for the numbers to come out.

      I have been buying here -- not on margin, and will hold until earnings are announced.

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      • Also, some people put their estimate for SR3 first week at 1.5 million even 2 million. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

      • Really... I did say that the 1.2 million is my opinion for SR3. And I still stand by that number. I never said that this is the right or true number, it is just my guess how much we will sell in first week by my research.

        The UK numbers were only for 2 days so the actually number is higher since UK SR3 came out on Friday. And the vgcharts for UK was for that same week ending on satuday.

        I post questions and messages sometimes I am wrong but who here has never been wrong.

        The links I posted was just reviews of the SR3.

        The stock is not going to go up or down by my posts. It will go up if the games sell well.

        Some people on this board are very helpful to me since they know more about how the video industry runs. So I post and at the same time learn alot.

        If you do not like my posts please put me on ignore.

    • Also forgot to add there are many more people now that have xbox360 and ps3 than 2 years ago. So much more chance to sell even more than expected.

      There is no other game like this one. Very original.

    • Agreed.

      I still think vgchartz is wrong and we sold more. But I agree with your statement:)