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  • kirby2ndplatoon41 kirby2ndplatoon41 Feb 24, 2012 12:42 PM Flag

    Trigger popping survey, did you get bumped out yet by the crooks?

    OK, so we all know the markets are rigged, phantom and naked short shares are traded with impunity by the market maker crooks, and the SEC laughs their ask off at the honest investor caught up in their regular, ongoing scams to defraud them... I don't set sell triggers (I just keep buying more) since the crooks don't really have shares to trade or accumulate unless they get yours. We all know the float, 68 mil shares, is very small but they are still shuffling fake shares at an amazing rate, resetting their failure to deliver dates constantly, and moving the price wherever they want it to go. Liars. crooks, thieves, scumbages, aka wallstreet brokers/bankers/hedge funds... eventually this will go up, when they are good and ready (assuming carl icahn is not raiding the debt and planning to wipe out investors again) so the question is, how many of you got bumped out by a repeated trigger popping session, and had to buy in again? I see the magic .60 was broken so some of you must have been hit, just curious. I am not selling, no choice, .65 was my last buy and I am all in, great lineup of games and it's hard to belive they can play accounting games to show a loss when 4 million copies of SaintsRow3 just got sold, with 6 mil on the way. Whatever, did you get popped by the crooks?

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