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  • stocktrader486 stocktrader486 Mar 30, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    Why we are still alive today.

    darksiders II good points that it is costing money... but that is quite obvious and a good game costs money... it will at least break even IMO based on prior sales and the fan following even though not huge.

    WWE will exceed above break-even point and I disagree with what you are saying.. bring me exact vg charts figures with breakouts and exact total costs for releasing the game and then we'll talk.

    The next ufc and the next wwe alone will be helpful to thq and UFC is on stage to make profit.

    South park? I think this game may have even been scaled back on development as a lower priority... so is a non-issue and OBVIOUSLY nobody here would think a south park game would save the equity in this company. BUT did you forget about metro last light? Did you forget about the next warhammer? Did you forget about the new trademark 1666... there are other things coming... and the company is making moves... to restructure and bring costs down so smaller profits will hit home harder and breakeven will keep the company running... as long as the costs reduce to a point where we can come close to positive earnings again...