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  • turbosledgehammer turbosledgehammer Apr 19, 2012 12:53 PM Flag

    Why would you sell into this?

    Probably shorting to knock price down and buying double shares at the same time. Accumulation strategy.

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    • one big bid on the up side... will have them in a panic attack
      soon ... market makers not on there side...
      when they make money on thQi up side...%$$

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      • Tom i posted this back in March.

        Re: Box Art for Darksiders II 8-Mar-12 02:45 pm

        Ipunch.. My first stocks I ever purchased where Pharma.I should have stayed with them.My 2 cents on HGSI I owned this stock years ago sold it a little over 30 with the lupus approval went short on HGSI till about 17.I never thought it would be this low. I am in at 7.05 for 10,000 shares.Keep in mind they have the only drug approved for 50 years to treat Lupus. The cost to treat the disease is very high . HGSI needs to get their cost in line. I am not sure of the buyout but I do believe HGSI has a lot of potential for another big payday.You will have to hold this one for some time though.As for THQI the Street will wait for the next quarter to see if Brian is on the up and up.

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        New Jersey

        I agree with any kind of news and the shorts will wake up as the HGSI shorts woke up.Very unhappy.