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  • publikopinion publikopinion Oct 16, 2012 12:35 PM Flag

    1 year estimated stock price


    I just noticed today on the summary page that the 1-year estimated target price for THQI is now at $4.88. A week ago, it was over $10.00. This concerns me. It makes me think that the entire THQI management are a bunch of liars, who don't have a clue. This stock was at more than $5.00 per share when new management recently took over, and the 1-year target price is now less than when they started. We get a lot of lip service about a supposed turn-around, but I'm beginning to question any statements from management as being truthful. I've been forced to be long in this stock because of the price crash, and I've attempted to lower my average share price with more purchases at lower prices, however, I'm beginning to become concerned that I'm being scammed. Kirby claims that this coming quarter will be profitable, but how would he know, unless he were an insider? If this stock were going to be profitable this quarter, then the stock price surely wouldn't be sinking into the $3.29 price range. I was considering purchasing more shares again, to lower my average cost, but I think that I'm going to pass now, because I don't feel like trying to catch a falling knife.

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    • how funny is it that the basher mole od_dude calls public a mole, then goes on the bash and post wrong info to mislead. good sign imo. Are the only people that work for hedge funds souless D-bags with no manners? Do you really have to be a rude jagoff just to get hired by these MM institutions or are these just the nickel per post #$%$ they farm out the boiler room work to? ...guess so, pretty lame.

    • publikopinion, i really don't know if your a mole or what, but are you serious, you now just suspect that management is full of it, i don't know if they are full of it or more just not up to the task, Rubin is a creative type he is not a trained business exec, and Morvak is former studio manager of Relic, not a high end corporate exec trained to turn former billion dollar companies around, and Ferral need no comment, hes proven over and over again his inabilities. Did it not dawn on you than no insider has purchased a share in over a year? Lastly are you kidding me your taking Kirby's advice, hes either an Olympic bag holder, or hes one of many multi alias's on here that pump on one account and bash on the other.
      THQ is dying company, until more studios starts to release games that at minimum pay for the studio that produced them its just a matter of time. DS2 and DS1 have not by a long shot payed for VIGIL, SpaceMarine, COH1, DOW2 have not by a long shot paid for the money spent to operate RELIC, and COH2 with its 2 year dev cost wont come close, its a niche game. The SAINTS ROW series has payed for VOLITION, and THQ MONTREAL is still over a year or more away from a release, so its needs cash to operate. its pretty simple they have 3 studios that have a significant burn rate and cant pay for them self's or the head office, and they have outsourced the rest, Metro, South Park, homefront2 to other studio, whether they break even or not is not clear, but given that these are at the end of this generation of consoles, its unlikely they will, WWE13 like UFC has to be split with WWE so gains here will be small. They owe 100 million and are down to a 22 million market cap, this company continues to spread its self too thin with to many games that a risk for return. So you see why Management inst buying shares,


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    • The 1 year jumps between 4.88 and 12.25 every couple of days just because yahoo finance kinda sucks. Its probably still at the 12 dollar estimate because nobody has changed their estimates lately.

    • wow you are a #$%$ genius, the company is a complete scammy POS and it starts at the top maybe you should start listening to me

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