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  • publikopinion publikopinion Oct 16, 2012 1:24 PM Flag

    1 year estimated stock price


    od-dude.....just for the record, NO, I'm not a mole, I'm just an investor. I bought-in at $2 per share last November (now $20 per spare), and I've bought more since to lower my average per-share price down to about $7. I'd like to lower my average even more, by buying at these low prices, but who knows how low this thing is going to fall? I've love to get the hell out of this stock, but I don't want to take a loss. I can only hope that the games in the pipeline can raise this stock above my cost basis. Yes, I'm aware that Farrell is a disaster. I was just hoping that the new guys that they just brought in (with a lot of fan fare) would be effective, but so far they haven't done squat.

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    • My apologies, there a ton of crap on these board, i have invested in THQ over the years myself, i'm mostly out now.

      im sorry but Rubin and Morvak, would be great in rolls they are experienced to do. Morvak would be a good studio manager, he was part of relic during its good times, Homeworld, etc. Rubin would be a great game director, that's his back ground from naughty dog.
      But What Ferrel needed was top end corporate exec that were trained in the larger economics of billion dollar businesses turn around, and he didn't hire those guys either because hes not smart enough or non of them would take the job.

      I really cant predict what will happen to THQ, but when i see them spending 2 years on developing a Niche PC game like COH2, were COH1 wasn't a commercial hit. Or when Vigil hasn't been shut down, after DS21 and 2 didnt sell great, i really question management now.
      Activision closed Radical ( a studio in Vancouver ), 3 months ago, they just released Prototype 2 a game that sold about as well as DS2, now Activision has more than enough money to operated Radical but the bottom line is Radical couldn't pay for its self. As harsh as that is, this is the reality in the game business.

      THQ gave away UFC because they couldn't make money off it, now this was such a flawed decision, UFC is a very highly exposed property, and what they should have done was figured a way of making it profitable, reducing expenses moving the studio from an expensive San Deigo to say Quebec where they offer a 40 % salary credit, etc. but instead they dropped it and gave it to EA, i guarantee EA will make it work, same for many of there other high profile Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon games, they should have figured out how to make them work. These had a built in markets and huge one.
      instead there now making some console games based on marginal IP's , Home-front 2 and Metro, at the end of console cycle, a PC only WW2 real time strategy game, COH2, when the whole PC market has gone free to play, really how well do you think a 60 dollar game will do when you can go play World of tanks for free and its awesome, and World of Fighters is about to be released

      just thoughts,

      Sentiment: Strong Sell