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  • od_dude od_dude Oct 16, 2012 2:20 PM Flag

    1 year estimated stock price

    kirby2ndplatoon41 go ahead, quote one thing i said in my posts that are wrong,

    Lets look at this objectively either i'm a here to mislead people from make a fortune from this "Jem" of a company, because i'm part of a larger conspiracy

    Or your a multi alias short, and given you never say anything with critical though i'm betting your a short

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    • if you don't know what blatent lie you told, than I can't help you. Maybe you should go read the annual report again... Your short agenda prevents you from posting the truth and your ego prevents you from accepting the truth that you are just a liar and a mole. period. guys like you make these message boards a joke, and the other #$%$ makes it a sewer. Pity, something meant for investors to discuss their stock turns into a tool for the wallstreet liars and crooks, oh well.

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      • if you cant point out the lie, then how you call me a lair. Once again kirby you bring no evidence or objective argument to the table, instead you call me a joke and a crook.

        Im willing to accept im wrong, give me your facts as to why THQ is about to break out, ive stated why i don't think they will, and backed it up with my eveideince.

        ill repeat

        WWE13 is a good licence, THQ should at least break even, and future games they should minimize the cost and make this an even more profitable franchise, move studio where tax benifits are given

        DS1 and 2, failed, they were good games but not original enough, the market said we already played this, Vigil needs to be sold or shut,

        COH2 will not make money, the RTS game is niche, COH1 didn't make money, they lost a #$%$ load on COH online, because an RTS doesnt work in a free to play market. Relic and COH2 should be shut, and Home-world free to play star ship game may work, but should be moved to Montreal were the government pays 40% salary credit.

        THQ Montreal is the only part of THQ working on next gen games, but need cash to keep operating, Patrice has proven himself with left for dead, still a risk but a calculated one.

        Volition obviously works, they need to move-forward with it the SR franchise

        Metro, South Park and homefront2.
        -Homefront1 was panned, and there are much better games out there competing in the FPS arena, shut it
        -metro has a niche European following, shut it, little or no return
        -South Park has a big following, and obsidian is an outstanding studio, could be a sleeper

        Anything on WIIU will have a small impact this year as it takes a year or more for new consoles to be distributed in numbers

        THQ needs to focus on only games with minimal risk, and they are paying for games with little chances, this is costing resources they cant afford

        Please tell me what i'm saying here is deceptive and i may not have all the facts, show us all your industry savvy show me my errors

        and if you reply with "your hedge fund mole "@($ i cant believe your here"
        then we know the truth

        Sentiment: Strong Sell