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  • cynicalthqer cynicalthqer Aug 27, 1998 6:44 PM Flag

    thqi and the market

    I can't believe the drop we had today. A well run
    company with good earnings coming up, yet we get thrown
    out with the bath water.
    There is one potential
    explanation for this drop. As Russia (I still want to call it
    the Soviet Union) falls into the abyss, the most
    directly affected will be the Euros, especially the
    Germans. There is alot of Western European money in
    Russia, and now that money seems to be evaporating.
    Potentially this could adversely affect the economies in
    Western Europe. So how does thq fit into this? Well its a
    stated goal that thq is targeting the European market.
    The quarterly reports show continued growth in
    oversea sales (Western Europe). If Europe is dragged down
    by Russia, thq could potentially lose many sales in
    a market it was planning to expand into.
    This is
    just a thought. If you have another opinion I like to
    hear it.

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    • It's not a loss as long as you don't sell.

      I agree this really SUCKS though.

    • looking back at the charts the bottom could be at 10.00 thats where i'm going to start buying. it's only a correction

    • cynacalthqer-
      That is really digging

      This is my theory as to why THQI has experienced a
      1) Short sellers are driving it down
      2) Many
      institutional traders are on vacation..after Labor Day
      will buy with avengence.
      3) Market Maker
      Manipulation-trying to shake everyone out.
      4) Margin calls caused
      by huge market downturn..
      AT this price THQI
      represents an absolute STEAL....
      They will earn $2/share
      or more which equates to a 7PE
      They have 0
      They have many titles coming out for XMAS.
      THey are
      securing deals for late next year and beyond.
      THey have
      great management who has much incentive to get
      stock price up.
      They will have the #1 selling game
      once RUGRATS comes out
      They could earn $3 a share
      next year....
      They have the best ROE in the
      They have the best balance sheet in the
      They have the best brains in the business.

      avoid the ridiculous and be patient....this stock
      most likely double in 12 months to $30 or so a

      THQI Expert

      • 2 Replies to THQIxpert
      • Although I share your enthusiasm for THQ, some of
        your comments are extreme.

        <They will earn
        $2/share or more> this year.

        No they probably
        won't. If you meant pre-split, I can concur, but if you
        are talking post-split it would mean over $3
        pre-split. Not impossible, but not likely. $1.50 post-split
        excluding the GameFx charge is much more likely. Which gets
        us to about a PE of 10 at todays

        <They could earn $3 a share next

        This would be $4.50 pre-split. Again, hugely
        aggressive. That would be a 100% increase in earnings from my
        guess of $1.50 in 1998. Again, not impossible, but not

        BTW, as a native North Dakotan, I can confirm that
        avacados are eaten, however, only with a fine wine.


      • Hey, I've held this stock since last Aug. I'm not
        selling. I agree that this is a good company, with a good
        Xmas season lined up. You don't have to convince to the sellers and shorts.
        By the way, why is
        it that my haas avocados are more expensive here in
        San Diego than in North Dakota?. Are you people in
        Fallbrook ripping us off? Do I smell market manipulation on
        the avocado market???