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  • Reity1 Reity1 Oct 5, 1998 12:21 PM Flag

    THQ report in newsletter

    As many of you already know, I am the editor of a
    free investment newsletter. This week we highlighted
    our little friend, THQ.

    As we all can see, it
    is treachorous trying to figure out when to buy in
    during this rocky market. But, I personally think that
    THQ is poised for strong growth over the next 12
    months. If you would like to see the full report, then
    I'd be glad to share it with you. Just e-mail me at Regards,


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    • On balance volume index and negative volume index
      are both showing fair short term value of 17.5 per
      share to 18. This in english indicates that the smart
      money is buying on dips and also during low volume
      days. When the stock price diverges from these
      indicators... it is usually bullish if stock is dropping while
      these lines are rising higher thant stock price. I
      think thq rallies back to 17 1/2 to 18 shortly here...
      dont sell.. buy more at 15 if you can...
      8300 shares since march

    • I am really worried that in a BEAR MARKET such as
      this, the company can do fantastic while the stock goes

      Look at 1973-74...companies were reporting great
      profits and
      their stocks still went to

      feeling really worried as everything is going down FAST.

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      • In the 1973-4 bear, W. Buffet was buying like an
        "oversexed guy in a whorehouse", stating "this is the time
        to invest".

        We're no Buffet for sure. We
        don't know if 98 is just 73 and we will have another
        horrible year in 1999. But investing is also about the
        "firmness of one's character". Look for value, drive a hard
        bargain, and put it in the closet for a few year, let the
        business side takes care of the earnings and share

        We'll see a year-end tax sell-off for