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  • Gooddigger Gooddigger Dec 6, 1998 4:29 AM Flag

    Best is yet to come

    Looking through the technical charts for the last
    four years. THQ is looking very undervalued. This
    time, IMO, next month will see THQ's stock price assend
    to new highs. The 50/100/200 DMA price will make a
    sharp increase from $18/$20.5/$23 to $21/$25/$28. The
    premium price paid for the stock should be at least $34
    at that time, with Q1 results expected to be bigger
    and brighter than Q1 98 by say 20%, we may even see
    THQ assend into the $40's or (do I dare say it?) the
    $50's. Things to consider are, a possibility of another
    split, and pressure from a suiter to attain stock, both
    positive IMO for the stock price. Undoubtabally the
    markets make fools out of all of us, and who knows what
    the future holds? Hope the short interest increases
    and we get another opportunity to increase my
    holding.just MHO.

    Message to shorts: THQ's ready to
    freefall. Cash up all that you can lay your hand on, make
    monster profits. Sell at $28, cover at $5. Money for Jam.

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    • THDO has a ton of titles coming out in 1999.
      Also, insider buying is enormous...check out insider
      under has
      a nice balance sheet which
      would make it attractive to THQI or
      maybe someone

      Given state of the industry, it looks

      I doubt all of that insider buying would have
      occured if future
      was poor......REIT

    • Other than your opinion that THDO may be takeover target is there any other reason you would consider THDO to be bullish?

    • Toys R us, locally, sold all 15 copies of

      It seems to me that maybe these stores are being too
      about ordering? Or is it THQI that is not
      sending enough?

      Any thoughts?

    • Was in blockbuster again, Revenge rented out (all 11 copies), only had two copies of rugrats (rented).

    • Warren Buffett, one of the greatest investor,
      says the secret to making money in the stock market is
      to invest in what you know.

      I guess a
      Billionaire who has made his money in the stock market knows
      something about investing. He is not jumping in and out of
      his top stocks. Do your own home work and do not take
      tips or rumors on chat boards. There are people who
      like to cry wolf and scare everyone out of their stock

      Some good economic news for the

      1. Lowest inflation rate in years
      2. Lowest
      interest rates in years
      3. Lowest unemployment
      4. Alan Greenspan and the feds have cut interest
      rates 3 times. A very Bullish sign for the
      5. Mutual Funds are flushed with cash
      6. The year
      before a Presidential election (1999) has been an up
      year in the stock market.

      Have a great day
      investing---- KC(A friend of the BEARS)

    • not relevant now that THQI has a new wrestling license. You must be a short. See you at $40.

    • Where did you get those figures? We can't even
      find official sales results for the individual games
      and you already have revenue percentages. That means
      that all of the other games combined contribute only

      Folks don't forget
      THQ announced last week they are running a
      mulit-million dollar ad campaign for Rugrats during the
      Christmas shopping season, surely that should boost sales
      as we get closer to Christmas.

      Of course here
      in the Atlanta area it has been in the high 70
      degrees and it just doesn't seem like Christmas. Buying a
      Christmas tree while wearing shorts, t-shirt and sandals
      just doesn't seem right unless you live where you do
      that all the time. I don't even have the desire to go
      Christmas shopping because of the warm weather.

      well, happy Monday everyone.


      lobsterboy you type pretty good for someone using claws.

    • Unfortunately, 90% of revenue is coming from
      You know what happened last time this occurred?



      Oh,and has THQ mentioned how they will replace the
      revenue they'll lose to JAKK's? I just don't see it.
      Longs,with a PE of 30,you should be the worried


    • Bill:

      That's the most comprehensive set of
      channel checks I've ever seen! It gives me great comfort
      with this investment. A huge thank you for all of your
      time and effort. We are lucky to have you as a
      contributor. I'll post on AOL. (If someone's a SI member, you
      might post Bill's CCs there since I'm sure those folks
      would be interested in this font of data. I'll e-mail
      it to Marc4lit since I know he's got an SI

    • Thanks for the channel checks chetmorton and
      others. Keep them coming.

      Also, I agree with
      Gooddigger: Paddled/Superior -- time to mortgage the farm and
      bet that half million dollar fortune you got when you
      turned 13. Let it ride against THQ. Mister Vegas. You'll
      soon be richer than Gates. Go for it! Disregard the
      channel checks. They're meaningless, and who would buy
      Rugrats and Revenge, right Superior? Besides, what do you
      need channel checks for, you got stochastics and your
      "program." Remember, always stick with a program that

      Superior Paddled, this is prime time to really max out
      your short position in THQ. A video game retailer that
      can't manage to sell games during the Christmas season
      is in one heck of a lot of trouble. Plus, look at
      the long term. This company had the fool idea that
      wrestling would sell in the future, so they signed a
      10-year contract for WWF games. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

      You'd better load up on the short side now before it
      gaps down 4-5 points on Tuesday's open. Heck, we'll
      soon have a 12 mos. trailing P/E of what, 14?
      Astronomical! What, do investors think this is an internut
      company? Get in; get short. The time is now. Don't wait.
      You might miss the opportunity of a lifetime. You can
      thank me later.

      • 1 Reply to TSeltzer
      • First I would like to say I'm sorry for not
        responding to TSelzer and fishin_1 for there questions they
        had for me a couple og weeks ago, wanted to wait to
        post until after I had a chance to add something to
        the board. Took me alittle longer than I thought to
        get my channel checks done. As I agree with both of
        you that my wholesale prices were high on the PSX
        games and low on some of the Gameboy titles, but most
        older gameboy titles are selling for 19.95, and am I
        right in using about 50% per title? With new games
        about 29.95? As for the 2.5mil off the top for taxes I
        believe BF said this was for earlier tax pervisions do to
        losses. (I may be wrong on the reason but I think that's
        what it's for.)
        Now for the channel checks... This
        we'll be long so bare with me.
        Revenge selling well, Last week sold out. Fri. 14 on
        shelf. New shipment Wed. got 48. WCW/NWO N64, Last wk.
        14. Fri. 4 left.
        Quest, last wk. 10, fri. 3
        Rugrats, got 1st shipment Wed. About 40 fri 17
        Rugrats GB, also wed. Sales person said about the same 21
        G.Darius 4 last 2 Fri.--DD 10 last 6 fri.--Grandstream 5
        last 3 fri.--Nitro psx 11 last 4 fri. Bowling Psx 12
        last 9 fri.--Bass 2 last 0 fri. Small Soldiers 18 last
        11 fri.
        Wal-Mart Turlock,ca.
        Revenge, last 4
        got new shipment Thur. 48 still have 37. WCW/NWO
        N64,last 10 fri. 6.--Quest, 8 last 5 fri.--Rugrats PSX got
        40 -8 left.--Rugrats GB, said they got about 30, 9
        left.--G.Darius 4 last 2 fri.--DD, 9 last 7 fri.--Grandstream 3
        last 2 fri.--Nitro PSX, 8 last 3 fri. Bowling PSX, 12
        last 10 fri.--Bugs, Got about 30 14 left.--2 Ray
        tracers, still 2.--WCW Vs. the world last 6 fri. 5.--Nitro
        PC, just got yesterday, got 16-9 left.
        Modesto, ca.
        Revenge, 17 last 7 fri.--WCW/NWO, 8 last 6
        fri.--Quest 17 last 13 fri.--Rugrats, this store got 80 WOW!
        31 left.--Rugrats GB said they got about 50 have 30
        left.--G.Darius, last 8 fri. 6.--DD, last 10 fri. 8.--Grandstream,
        last 7 fri. 5.--Nitro PSX, last 12 fri. 6.-- Bowling
        PSX, 12 last 10 fri.--NO small soldiers yet.--Mulan,
        last 10 fri. 8.--Bowling PC, 3 last 2 fri.--Fishing
        PC, 1 last 0 fri.--Bugs,20 last 12 fri.-- WCW Vs. the
        world, 20 last 17 fri.--Nitro PC, got 8 today 6
        left.--this store still has 10 lost world same as last
        ToysRUs, Modesto, Ca.
        Revenge, got shipment
        Tues. 72-23 left.--WCW/NWO 10 last 2 fri.--Quest,17
        last 9 fri.(64.95)--Rugrats, got 80 27 left.--Rugrats
        GB, Had more than 50, 1 left:o).--G.Darius, 7 last 3
        fri.--DD, 6 last 1 fri.--Grandstream,10 last 4 fri.--Nitro
        PSX, 13 last 0 fri.--Bowling 10 last 3 fri.--Small
        Soldiers, 13 last 1 fri.--Mulan, 8 last 2 fri.--Madden 98,
        2 last 1 fri.--Ray Tracers, 2 last 0
        fri.--Pochontas GB, 2 last 1 fri.--Hercules, 1 last 1
        fri.--WorldCup, 5 last 2 fri.-- Aladdin, 1 last 0 fri.--Lost
        World, 5 last 4 fri.--Toystory, 5 last 1 fri.

        Target, Livermore Ca.
        Revenge, 14 last 6
        fri.--WCW/NWO, 8 last 6 fri.--Quest, 4 last 0 fri.--No Rugrats
        for PSX yet.--Rugrats GB, got about 20-4
        left.--G.Darius, 3 last 2 fri.--DD, 6 last 4 fri.--Grandstream, 4
        last 2 fri.--Nitro PSX, 6 last 3 fri.--Bowling, 4 last
        3 fri.--Mulan, 8 last 4 fri.
        Target, Modesto
        Revenge, 8 last 2 fri.--WCW/NWO, 4 last 1 fri.--Quest 4
        last 2 fri.--No Rugrats.--G.Darius, 5 last 3 fri.--DD,
        2 last 0 fri.--Grandstream, 3 last 2 fri.--Nirto
        PSX 7 last 5 fri.--Bugs, 10 last 4 fri.-- Mulan, 10
        last 4 fri.--Worldcup, 4 last 2 fri.--Toystory, 2 last
        2 fri.
        Software Etc., Modesto Ca.
        people were not very helpful here. But did say Revenge
        was selling very well as was Rugrats PSX,GB. Also
        Bugs was moving. Could not get any numbers.
        somebody please post this on the other threads as they are
        trying to keep track also. I would be greatful if you