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  • BZZZTPOP BZZZTPOP Sep 2, 1999 5:19 PM Flag

    Yes $$$$ Going to $15

    I'm a recent (two week) holder of THQI and I love
    reading these message boards, and plan to stay for a
    while. Now that that's over with, here's the

    All of the points being made about advantages of
    consoles over PCs you folks are making are true except for
    one. That consoles may ever actually outperform high
    end PCs. It may have been true for a Brief while that
    the Playstation was outperforming PCs of the time.
    The Dreamcast is already behind. And though it seemed
    as though the Playstation 2 was poised to do it,
    NVDAs recent GPU has upped the ante once again. Check

    PCs will always have an advantage in that you don't
    have to wait 4 years for the next one to come out, you
    can just take your old one throw some more memory in
    it and a new 3d card (hope I don't sound too much
    like monte ;)) and maybe a new processor and reach a
    new level of gaming.

    I'm not saying that this
    changes the PC/console balance too much, becuase all the
    other advantages of consoles still hold: price, ease of
    use, and such, but the highest of the high end will
    always belong to the PCs...

    GO THQI!