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  • cashGobbler cashGobbler Nov 2, 1999 10:57 PM Flag

    OK guys, lets try to remember what

    triggered the last break through ...

    believe it was the combination of the following:
    Bwelb took a nasty dump and shared it with all
    Chuckie bailed at the exact pivot point
    3. the
    GreenMachine reared his ugly head
    4. Big Bill had a nervous
    break down
    5. Miss FOS was the internet sex queen of
    the month

    If the particpants are willing, can
    we reinact this sequence?

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    • In the same way that the Atkins diet contradicts
      "common knowledge" about how to lose weight (I've lost
      more than 1/4 of my body weight since the last weel in
      Feb on Atkins), I feel that the "common knowledge" of
      "you should invest your retirement funds
      conservitavely" is bullshit. I want to be able to take the risks
      that may lead to BIG gains in my Roth, because if I
      win, the gains will be tax free. Furthermore, all the
      money I have will be retirement money (if and) when I

    • You should move north to NH, the only state with neither a sales nor an income tax.

    • Puck: WWF seems to be everywhere. They've got web
      banner links on the USA Today website as well. I caught
      the last 5 minutes of it last night. Very
      entertaining. Also, the local UPN affiliate in L.A. always
      seems to have a WWF feature interview on the news after
      Smackdown airs. Methinks part of the UPN deal also involved
      getting favorable publicity from local UPN news

      Now, on a different note, who killed our volume?
      Beulz, did the MMs just take off early today? They had
      enough manipulation for the week, so they just knocked
      off a couple hours early after a job well done?

    • Am I the only one surprised by WWF advertising on CNBC this morning?

      I know I'll be looking for the power ties in the front rows!


    • the quiet drop is because of Stu Halpern moving to MONT....

      If GKMC wants to cover THQ again, they will have to initiate.

    • Snips from today's Wall Street Journal

      "In Ratings Wars, Wrestling And Rap Shows Boost A
      Laggard Network
      By JOE FLINT
      Staff Reporter of THE

      Has Stone Cold Steve
      Austin pulled off one of his trademark "stunners" for
      the long-suffering United Paramount

      After serving as an industry joke for almost five years
      -- and losing more than $500 million in the process
      -- the sixth-rated broadcast network is in the midst
      of a surprising rebound. While UPN remains in last
      place, viewership at the network, owned by Viacom Inc.
      and Chris-Craft Industries Inc., is up 40%% so far
      this season, even as its bigger network competitors
      are lucky to see gains in the single

      And, nearly two months into the new TV season, UPN is
      the only network that has yet to cancel one of its
      new programs. Indeed, Mr. Austin's "WWF Smackdown!,"
      a weekly wrestling program much-derided by critics,
      has evolved into one of the unqualified hits of the
      new season.

      * * * * * * * * * * *

      "Smackdown!" is averaging 6.6 million viewers and is easily
      the network's highest-rated program. It also has
      served as a strong promotional base for its other
      nights, said Mr. Igiel. But those ratings are not
      necessarily boosting UPN's bottom line. Through its
      partnership on "Smackdown!" with World Wrestling Federation
      Entertainment Inc., the network only retains a couple of
      minutes of advertising time to sell. The WWF sells the

      While rivals attribute any positive news at UPN solely
      to "Smackdown!," there has been a trickledown
      effect. Ratings are up on four of the five nights UPN
      airs programming, thanks to strong showings from "The
      Parkers," a spin-off of its successful African-American
      sitcom, "Moesha," and the veteran "Star Trek" series,

    • Just prior to earnings run-up. Month ago?

      Madden NFL 2000 (GBC) Review
      <<...Madden 2000
      is a damn good version of portable
      Nintendo VP addresses the GKM Toy
      <<"The biggest news of the year is Game Boy, which has
      rebounded to account for
      $1.4 a billion in retail
      business all by itself. Dreamcast's debut will generate
      $300 million�or about 4% of all revenues. That
      Game Boy number represents an
      achievement. In the tenth year of its existence in has
      almost tripled the handheld segment share
      of the industry from 6% last year�to
      over 17% so
      far this year.

      "For Game Boy, the numbers are
      nothing short of eye-popping. Game Boy
      virtually all Game Boy color technology�will more than
      from last year to between seven and a half and
      eight million units.... Our own projected sell through
      close to eight million units in North America
      could approach nine if supply could
      meet demand.
      And Game Boy game sales will also more than double,
      soaring more
      than 130% to 28 million

      I know it seems like Game Boy has been around
      forever. But let me put this in
      perspective. In no
      year since we launched here in 1989 have we even come
      close to
      selling as much handheld hardware�or as
      many Game Boy games�as we are right
      now. When I
      lay this Nintendo story out to people, sometimes a
      casual observer will
      say, 'Well, great year, Peter,
      congratulations. But let's face it. That Pok�mon thing
      fire and boosted Game Boy�and on the console front,
      isn't the world
      already turning to new
      technology-Dreamcast, PS2 and your Dolphin?' And even
      the more
      experienced analysts will begin to brace for what they see as
      the inevitable
      drop in sales as we lurch between
      hardware cycles.

      "The world changes a lot more
      deliberately than many people believe. And the
      doesn't have to be nearly as painful as we as an industry
      have made it the
      last couple of times around. Next
      year�assuming Sega's most optimistic forecasts
      of three
      million systems and 16 million games�that category grows
      to about $1.2
      billion. In fact, that's exactly
      the same number we project from Game Boy�selling

      through six million systems and 30 million games.

      "While most in our industry realize the importance of
      developing and nurturing
      software franchises, in terms
      of hardware platforms, we are a species that
      abandons our young. Once a platform hits year
      four or five, you're on your own, kid.
      The clear
      exception to this rule is Game Boy. Now entering year
      eleven, both
      quantitatively and qualitatively�it has
      never been better. From its original form�to

      pocket�to color�and soon onto something brand new�it is the
      game system for
      the ages. The current numbers are
      truly amazing. Game Boy year-to-date has
      US hardware sell through increases of 266% over
      1998�and software is up
      200%. But if you conclude that
      the Game Boy color push derives solely from

      Pok�mon, you should note that over half of all games sold
      for Game Boy this year
      have nothing to do with

    • I sure hope that THQ's CGB games are all "in the can". This could be a huge X-mas for whomever has his games on the shelves.


    • I dunno if it's been discussed yet, but Yahoo only shows 5 recommendations. It looks like there has been a quiet drop. Any idea who it is and whether/when they'll reinitiate coverage?


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