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  • calmdotcom calmdotcom Nov 23, 1999 12:31 PM Flag

    Channel check

    We license Madden 2000 and a host of other games
    from erts for color gameboy as well as road rash for
    N64 (the developer of which we acquired). Although
    erts outbid us for wcw, we have no hard feelings.
    Besides, we're gonna eat their lunch for xmas with wwf.

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    • Mr. Bailey is right to remind us that if
      Wrestlemania sells extra well then THQ will get extra profits
      under the arrangement with JAKK. Did Farrell pull off a
      fast one?

      calmdotcalm, you forgot one--besides
      Road Rash and all the EA Sports titles, we also are
      releasing EA's Nuclear Strike, which should ship

      bbro, thanks for the cc--man, 100 copies, that's a
      frenzy in aisle seven.

      <<I believe knowing
      what investors in THQI know, that shorts are just
      being stubborn. It's human nature to think oneself
      correct in their thought

      Heuchera, I think you are right. Besides that, I think
      professional shorts are bearish in nature and that leads them
      to think that the overall market might collapse and
      bail them out of any bad bets. Great chess metaphor

      <<THQI is for all
      intents and purposes a 2 product
      company (WWF, Rugrats). Sorry folks, Ricky Carmichael,
      Sinisatar, Road Rash, etc.
      all turning out to be

      And to think, in 1996 one would've said that THQ was
      a one-product company--Toy Story Gameboy. Now the
      sequel is only our fifth most important game this
      quarter. Face it, the growth this company has put on the
      board is phenomenal and it doesn't look like it is
      slowing down. Look at the lineup for next year--it is not
      N64 reliant like this year's is. And please, for
      honesty's sake, admit that WWF Smackdown will outsell
      Wrestlemania. And be far more profitable. Oh, you might also
      admit that 5 Rugrats skus this Christmas is going to
      blow away Rugrats revenues on 2 undershipped skus last
      Christmas. If Motocross is a dog, why is it coming out on
      multiple platforms next year? As for Sinistar and the N64
      titles from last quarter. No kidding. It's totally in
      the price.
      It's also ridiculous to not admit the
      amazing GBC sales THQ will rack up this quarter. What do
      we have, nine releases or so, plus reorders of
      Rugrats movie and Bug's Life? Wow, serious bucks and
      better margins than N64. Hahahahaha.