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  • gyhsrt gyhsrt Nov 29, 2000 11:13 PM Flag

    B Titles Don't Make Money? [Snort]

    "THQ is one company that has made a big business
    of selling licensed games. Power Rangers, Rugrats,
    WWF -- THQ is the king of the license, and while some
    of the games are fantastic (the WWF games from THQ
    are unparalleled) many of them (such as Who Wants to
    Be a Millionaire and Rugrats) are seriously less
    than stellar.

    But from a business perspective,
    the same licenses that make hardcore gamers snort in
    disgust have made THQ a killing. According to License!
    magazine, THQ released 207 games for nine different
    platforms in 1999. That's huge. And THQ made $302.4 million
    as a result. It's obviously doing something right.
    THQ is also the largest third-party developer for the

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    • Hey gyhsrt, how do you like your PS2? Is what you expected?


      • 2 Replies to baberogermark
      • not enough games for ps2

      • To tell you the truth, I am a bit underwhelmed.
        The DVD function is great, but I could have had that
        with just a DVD player.

        As for the games,
        they're probably pretty good, but I'm not much of a video
        game player. I thought things might have changed a lot
        since my last console (original Atari), but I just
        don't think I'm cut out to be a video game

        I bought both Madden and Summoner. While they're
        both fun as a novelty item, I lost interest pretty
        quick. This is less a reflection on the games and more a
        reflection of the time and effort I'm willing to put in to
        figure out the games (not much).

        I'd say this: If
        you've got kids, or if you're an adult and you're an
        occasional gamer, then Playstation 2 is probably a good
        item. But if you haven't liked console games in the
        past, then Playstation 2 probably won't change your
        mind. It certainly isn't the quantum leap in technology
        that the hype suggests. That was apparent at E3, where
        the Playstation 2 games didn't look that much better
        than their Playstation counterparts. Second and third
        generation games will probably look much better, but right
        now I don't see that much improvement.

        I do
        think that Sony is leaving a big open door for
        Microsoft's X-Box. The X-Box site lists both developers and
        games under development for X-Box. They are really
        putting together an huge array of stuff, and their Direct
        X-based OS makes it much easier on developers. It may not
        be that much better than Playstation 2, but I think
        Microsoft will focus more on the older market, and they
        will have a much wider array of games and functions
        with their box. Again, though, I'm not much of a
        gamer, so take my comments with a grain of salt.