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  • stockargus stockargus Aug 3, 1999 9:47 PM Flag

    Buy in force tomorrow...

    I really expect that INSW will open north of 20
    in the morning...I am LONG so I have a vested
    interest...GSCO did not support the price whatsoever today...They
    were sellers but with the market conditions today that
    was a schrewd move...The main seller was Speer,Leeds
    (SLKC) they are renowned shorters...By driving the price
    down and using the (SLKC) short momentum we had a
    precipitous drop...Now GSCO can raise the bid premarket and
    shoot the springloaded stock to the moon...Don't
    despair tomorrow is another day!

    The ARGUS

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    • take a look at the fundementals, it will explode

    • Can you share with us the link to see the $ amount you wrote ? It is fairly close.
      ---------- you wrote on msg #44
      >> BOOK VALUE $2.52___GREAT SHORT

    • revenue of $4m is about right. They boast it to
      $15m. If we agree that insw inflate the hit volume
      about 3 times, it is about $5m ($15m / 3 = $5m). Yes
      $5m is not exactly $4m but this give us more
      confirmation about the HYPE about hit volume is about/more
      than 3 times.

      ======== msg # 74 from
      In 1998 Insweb had revenues of $4 m and
      racked up in excess of $50 million in debt.
      market cap is more than many established insurers.
      Insweb gets most of their fees
      from people clicking
      on a button that brings them to a State Farm agent.
      Ehat percentage
      of people buying this stock have
      never even logged on to INSWEB let alone try to get
      quote. This On-line surge of offerings that have
      no substance will not last because
      everyone will
      be on-line including the big-boys - Marsh, Aon etc.
      Insweb will not be able
      to buy anyone because no-one
      will want to paid in Insweb stock.

    • Reliance Direct.Com for a $$ saving quote, I saved $208 for this coming year. You need a clean record to get the savings you're looking for. Good Luck.

    • Big volume today for NUTK. Major news is coming
      soon. In the upcoming weeks, NUTK will be opening an
      Internet Mall. I see NUTK reaching $1 in the short-term
      and $5 by year's end.

      You can't find a better
      opportunity than this. NUTK is growing into a giant empire. I
      am buying all of the shares I can get at these cheap
      prices. We are ready to make a major run in the days to

      Be sure that you take the time to learn about NUTK
      and do research. I guarantee that it will be worth
      your time....

    • it 3 times but failed to get any type of quotes
      from them.
      I still have my profile saved in their
      site. I even emailed
      their customer service telling
      them about the problem,
      and they said sorry it
      happened. It's been 2 1/2 months now,
      and I'm still
      waiting. You can get a quote faster by phone.
      INSWEB to make money, they have to write/issue
      first. How do they plan to do that, if they can't even

      give quotes? If you don't believe me, try it out
      I'm not long or short on INSWEB, just letting
      know of my experience with INSWEB. Please no

    • Thanks for a great post.

      I'm Long with 500 @ 38, a first day buyer.

    • Good economic news and 3 initiated coverage from
      a very good IPO underwriter, Goldman Sach, DLJ, and
      Banc Robertson. Thanks to TodaysTally for the
      informative and detailed analysis of INSW. I too believe that
      this stock is undervalued. The potential for this
      stock outweight it's risk. It's is the first one of its
      kind on the internet, and I believe being the first in
      the internet market is crucial. Look at AMZN, EBAY,
      PCLN, and HLTH. Success will bring others, but the
      leader will always stay on top. As for today's selloff,
      it's normal. Many people buy a stock before the quite
      period and selloff when initiated coverage begins. It's
      the "buy on rumors, sell on news" mentality. They
      will be done with selling and move on. If the market
      remain favorable the next couple of days, INSW will
      bounce back and continue to head upward. Price targer of
      $30-$35 within the next couple of weeks is quite possible
      depending on the market overall


    • INSW is attracting the consumers for the
      insurance company, pre-qualifying them and providing
      quotes. The individual is typing in his or her own data.
      This is the key, as the INSW solution is most
      attractive from the standpoint that it is actually an
      outsourced marketing, administrative and eventually
      processing solution for the insurance companies.

      Today it costs the average insurance company $600 to
      write a $1,200 auto policy and it takes one million
      direct solicitation pieces to attract 4,500 new

      This is very expensive and it does not
      maximize the value of the insurance company's expertise.
      By utilizing INSW to attract and pre-qualify the new
      policyholders it can bring the costs of customer acquisition
      down by 50%. This is the hook.

      Currently, INSW
      gets paid by the insurance companies to deliver the
      customers to the insurance company and INSW is paid
      regardless whether the insurance company writes the policy
      or not.

      As the model progresses INSW
      believes it will evolve to the point where it closes the
      policy online for the insurance company.

      will allow INSW to capture a considerable stream of
      renewal income and allow the insurance companies to
      become virtual underwriting entities. Further, it
      intends to offer claims processing which would be a huge
      boon to its insurance company clients.

      company is initially concentrating on personal lines and
      intends to broaden its offering to commercial lines over
      the next several years.

      So where is the
      hidden value you ask? INSW has a huge advantage in the
      fact that by the nature of the industry it has a first
      mover advantage (in most cases this is not an
      advantage) by the fact that any potential competitor will
      take two to three years to ramp to the level that INSW
      is at today.

      Each state has its own
      insurance regulatory agency and to offer insurance in the
      US it must be approved on a state by state basis,
      which as you can imagine is an arduous process.

      Further, INSW has married its proprietary front technology
      with the back end systems of all the major US
      insurance companies. This in itself would take several
      years to replicate by the most well funded and focused

      Lastly, this management team is the
      deepest I have seen to date from any IPO, not just in the
      Internet sector. The top six executives have an average 25
      years of experience in the industry, the senior VPs 17
      years and the VP level executives 7 years, which
      provides considerable credibility to their vision and
      ability to execute on the stated model.

      purchased these shares for my clients around the $30 level
      and at the current $27.875 price they represent great

      I doubt that they will remain at these
      levels for long, especially once the Wall Street
      analysts recommend the stock in the near future.

      Unlike many Internet stocks, INSW has a compelling
      business model, projected attractive operating margins of
      15%-20% and it has created this opportunity in a sector
      enjoying monumental barriers to entry.

      Internet stocks offer above average risk, however INSW I
      would argue provides the just about the lowest long
      term risk in the sector while potentially offering
      some of the most attractive capital appreciation
      potential. "

    • (Part 2, next post) especially important, brings
      great value to insurance companies.

      Value Stocks: The Ultimate In Portfolio Insurance

      July 29, 1999 7:31 AM EDT

      By David H.M. Baker

      I rarely write about IPOs in
      this column as many of these new issues have little in
      the way of hidden value.

      However, there is
      always an exception to the rule and one company that I
      had the opportunity to meet with last week was so
      compelling I wanted to share it with all you.

      company is Insweb (quote, chart, profile) which went
      public last Friday at $17 and went to $44 and closed
      yesterday at $27.875.

      I see Internet issues every
      day and have had the chance to meet with many of the
      managements of these hot new issues. I must say that INSW
      represents what I believe the most singularly impressive
      business model I have seen to date in the Internet space.

      INSW is a product of more than four years of work and
      of tens of millions of venture capital dollars from
      some of the most reputable VC firms in the industry.

      INSW is a vertical insurance portal, which offers its
      users the ability to input their profile, personal,
      property data and receive comparative pricing for auto,
      health, general, life and property insurance.

      Historically, this has never been possible and it is important
      to point out that these are actual prices are not
      just quotes. This is free to the consumer.

      was initially intrigued by the stock because it was
      offering a valuable service to the consumer that
      heretofore has never been available. In fact in studies INSW
      found that the difference in the pricing of auto
      policies for a customer with the same profile could vary
      as much as 100%.

      This company is harnessing
      the power of the Internet by making the information
      available to the consumer allowing them to make an informed
      choice, but as I discovered this was not the most
      powerful part of their model. In fact, it would prove to
      be just the icing on the cake.

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