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  • ace_trackers ace_trackers Jun 20, 2012 11:58 AM Flag


    Better listen to the Man. He knows what he is talking about. Z Trim will get to $10 and its getting closer everyday..........ace

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    • That guy tommy hangs out on the mdfi board. Get this the stock is .0004/sh and the financials look horrible, all neg. #'s, they made $13,000 last qtr. He's mad because I exposed the co. for what it is, garbage. So now he's gonna follow me around because he thinks that will bother me. What a loser. I will keep going there to warn new potential investors right up to the BK filing no matter how mad he gets. Poor, poor tommy. .0004/sh what a joke.

    • OMG are you kidding me. You posted on the RAD board when somone asked you what would be the best stocks to invest in. YOU said AA was one of your top picks and it was $14 at the time, YOU said it would be $16 in a few months. You're a liar.

    • Debra,
      I see you still have head inverted in that deep dark place.

      I called RAD to 87c in that two year time span you talk about and it went to 85c. That was a good call. Then RAD run to $2.12 for no apparent reason and I called it to hit a $1.12 and longer term 87c again. Well it went to $1.14 although not a $1.12. Still a good call. It will get to 87c, stay tuned as I know that stock like the back of my hand.

      I have no clue as to AA because it not a stock I follow. I have never even clicked on it. So Please Remove Your Head Now!

      I do a lot of research before I Put my name on it. I have posted hundreds of stocks over 13 years and dj on the RAD board can only post 4 losers. Not Bad.............ace

    • If this stock is $2 by the 4th I will admit I was wrong and I will become a sh holder. Hows that?

    • $2 before July 4th.

    • Apology accepted from whoever is offering!

      I'm easy to get along with.

      For the record, I have been wrong about Z-trim for a l-o-n-g time. I just see things turning around, and turning around is taking a long time too :-). I admit it's been frustrating, but I think we're close to seeing something big given the news of the last year or so.

      Keep in mind that food companies (especially large ones where reputation and formula mean everything) don't easily change their formulas, but once they do, they will continue to be picky with ingredient and formula changes in the future, which is good for companies that break in.

      Here's to hoping z-trim breaks in soon.

    • How arrogant - ace accepting an apology that was directed to eldrupk.

      Well, ace, I think eldrupk is perfectly capable of accepting his own apologies; in fact, I think eldrupk is perfectly capable of a lot of things that you, ace, are incapable of: investing strategies, civil discussions, polite disagreements, thinking - you know, the little things in life. All the things that you, ace, and your cohort wildpest strive to attain in life but fall visibly and painfully short.

    • If you were EVER right people would look to you for advice. YOU have NEVER been right. You have been saying RAD will be .87 soon for 2 years. YOU said buy AA when it was $14, it's $8.40 now. YOU are an idiot and that's why nobody likes you. IDIOT!

    • #$%$#$%$ I appologize if I'm wrong. #$%$**

      Appology accepted...........ace

    • eldrupk,
      If it dont say ace, its not me. I have called RAD a short since it was $17 and I have been spot on. I have been calling ZTHO $5-10 since it was pre split 2.5c and it will get there.
      When one makes good calls people try to discredit them.

      Like I said if it dont say ace its not me.

      May God Bless you with the perfect investment in Z-Trim. He knows you deserve it................ace

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