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  • ace_trackers ace_trackers Sep 12, 2012 5:13 PM Flag


    The old regime you talk of was over 5 years ago whne the ticker was ZTRM.
    I never heard of the company prior to Steve Cohen.

    I do know from reading that the old regime only sold their one product to retail over the internet.

    The New Management shut the Internet sales down and went after Food Munufacturers. It was tough the first 14 months but then volume startred picking up and they are now on track to baloon this company into a Power House. Did you also know they built this company on what is now over 100 School Distircts. I said districts not individual schools.

    They will sell everything they produce for years to come. Note: Ex Ceo's of large food companies.

    You will never know who buys the product until Z-Trim becomes a name of Stature in the Industry, then there will be a rush to print on label { Made Wtih Z-Trim }.

    We are headed North of $10 going forward.

    I do my homework before investing 100K in Bonds and Warrants. Yes I was looking for it to happen a lot quicker than it did, but Im sure glad they laid the groundwork as they did. We will be around for a long time to come!! Not to mention a $35-$45 stock someday.........................ace

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    • I agree this co. is headed in the right direction. I purchased shs but I'm a little concerned about the pizza co that remains nameless. That's supposed to be a big co. so it should be known who it is. Like I said, I did buy in this week so I'm now a sh holder.

    • Ace its nice to hv someone else on this board that see's it the same way as i , but seeeeeeeeeeems to not bring " the crazys after him " seeeeeeems to happens to me. I answered d/d the same way u did with the same info , but not as well as you. I didnt hv the money at that time to poss. Buy into the warrents/bonds thing like you did , butt god bless u for doing it and helping this company back on its feet..............many here really dont ===know the real story of the company=== and its a shame.......... Its a bigger shame when they are not shareholders---investors----or hv any of there money in the game. I hv and so far hv kept the long term look at this company and the people working there. Im happy with them , and """ i believe in the mgnt there fact i'm banking more on the mgnt and the c.e.o. Steve cohen than the product---or---products now or in the future.......butt again thats me.....the wild west of n.j......

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