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  • eldrupk eldrupk Sep 18, 2012 8:56 PM Flag

    The Future

    We continue to see great news coming from Z-Trim. I have always said that a long term perspective is the only way to invest in this stock. The story is just beginning to be written here. As the contract manufacturer, Aveka, gets ramped up I am guessing there will be even greater news coming. Consider that manufacturing constraints seem to be the only thing keeping this company from exploding with growth. Don't miss this train folks. I think it's going to run fast and hard for a long time.

    News of either a listing on a major exchange or a deal with a significant food manufacturer will see this stock go on a run that could see a near double in it's stock value. Then wall street will take notice and there will be no going back. Should either of those things happen, you will wish you picked up more at $3/share.

    I am very optimistic about the future and am a long term hold. In two to three year time horizon I believe this could be a $20 - $30 stock, and possibly more.

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    • NICE PIECE YOU TYPED HERE TODAY....IM GLAD YOU ARE A INVESTER IN Z-TRIM......WE all hv to be thinking the same way on the investing end, which is """ the b.e.s.t. is yet to come !!! """"........I honestly belive this and most of the people under three do toooooooooo!...........stock is ready to move to a little higher level , and I still think it will be this week.......if you check out the volume....yesturday more shares traded on the offer than the bid, and 14 0f the trades over 1000 shares was on the offer again and not the bid........This ---TELLS-YOU-- that there are true larger buyers right under this mkt to buy any amt you want to sell at a fare price vs. the amt of shares you hv to offer them...( And-Me.Toooooooooo............Hahahahahaha )........................I PERSONLY DONT WANT BOTTOM-FISHERS, OR DAY TRADERS HERE IF AT ALL POSS. UNTIL WE BREAK THE MIM. 50,000 SHARES TRADED A DAY EVERY DAY FOR AT LEAST TWO MONTHS OR SAY .........." $5.00 + "...........BUTT AGAIN THATS JUST HOW I FEEL....HOW DO U FEEL ABOUT THAT STATEMENT ????............THE WILD WEST OF NEW JERSEY.......

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