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  • evanisto evanisto Sep 26, 2012 6:25 PM Flag

    Triple Range Square out doesn't apply. Still Bullish.

    Factor in the substantial insider buys at the $1.00 - $1.50 range, the low float an innovative product. Expecting developments for industrial capacity, per Brightline's (Roger Stone) investment and ownership of company. There is the potential for the backing of even larger players. Who could be the big players? Oil and Gas, paper companies, food producers? If this product is backed and supported by any of these, it will be a ten bagger, 1 billion market cap company, and it will only be getting warmed up.
    Revenues are growing organically and indications are that the velocity is picking up. Production capacity could easily be duplicated with all that space in the midwest and the injection of some big money players from Texas or something. The company still has to prove and protect itself, but soon the demonstration phases will be over.
    This is bullish of course, and all the risk caveats should apply. As far as I can see the company has managed debt ok. They have been diligent with the float and managing costs. Probably won't be hitting bankruptcy (Brightline wouldn't like that).
    Stock will move with new news like a new industrial customer or application. Of course something unexpected can occur, who knows what that will be.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I AGREE WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE , butt for the last few lines.......the problem this stock would ever have is it has -----toooooooo------- much-------- business----- promised and they couldnt keep up with it....BOTTOM-LINE: THE C.E.O. S. COHEN ,is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to Smart to let that happen , and has pass-up new business until """ HE-NEW """ he could gurantee the cust the product on time. This is no ex-ceo halpern here promising everyone---everthing , and shipping " NOTHING "......THAT WAS OVER 5 YEARS AGO , and this has n.e.v.e.r. happen under this c.e.o. and mgnt team even once...................Traders are traders they trade for the moment and thats that........investors, " invest in a company , the people there in mgnt , and then in its product it makes...................NOTHING HAS CHANGED BUT THE PRICE FROM $.55 CENTS TO $3.20 IN THE PAST YEAR WITH THE STOCK NOW AT $2.80 A SHARE LAST SALE.......................SO if you are a trader and u want to trade a stock with at most 30,000 shares traded a day , " YOU can't be much of a real risk taker ".....Real Risks Takers ( KNOWN AS TRADERS ) are in ---ibm---google----apple----SLB----and other high volume stocks trading =====25 to 225 million shares a day=======....and not this........NEXT WEEK AS SOON AS THE C.E.O. TALKS ABOUT THE THIRD QTR AND THE PAST 30 DAYS THIS STOCK WILL BE WELL OVER $3.00.........I COULD BE WRONG ( but i dont think soooooooooooooooo... ) but $2.85 a share is real cheap period........

      Sentiment: Buy

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