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  • deacon.debra deacon.debra Nov 1, 2012 4:19 PM Flag

    Going up

    For a very long time I was the biggest skeptic of this stock, with good reason. It got to a point where the longs on here actually hated me. I have a completely new outlook on this stock now. I jumped in at $2.10/sh. and have continued to invest in ZTHO all the way up to $3.02. I have a pretty large stake in ZTHO at this time and believe we will see $10.00/sh in late 2013, $5.00 by Feb./March. To the longs that have given me such a hard time, you had (long) money invested in ZTHO and I did not, but the numbers and business did not support the (long) position at that time, it does now. I did short ZTHO from $1.70 to .60 and I did disclose that short position when I shorted this stock so I had a financial stake. Now my fanancial stake has changed, to a long position. Good luck to all longs.

    P.S. WW, please DON'T respond to this post with your all caps nonsense.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • FOR OPENERS: " IST TELL THE TRUTH BEFORE POINTING FINGERS AT ANYONE...The wildwest of new jersy and ace-truckers are the only two people to read or listen to for we BOTH hv never been nothing but bullish, and hv AWAYS share what we new with every one who came to this board.LIKE you now omit , YOU were bearish on the stock , Yet you never went there likeI DID... ,Uu never met with the people there ,LIKE I DID....BUTT You New MoreThan I DID ???......ACE_TRUCKER has alway seamed to be right with the timing of the next move [[[ yes better than me ill admit , in the past......]]]....IF you want to prove you are typing the truth here now,and poss. in the future................Tell us what firm/brokage hse let you """ short this stock at $1.70 """" all that read this....if this person doesnt answer with that company's name , then how can u poss. ever believe there now long the stock,,,, and better at about $2.00 ...[[[of course ]]] with it now trading $3.00+ ???????..........i didnt type in CAPS SO THE SPELLING MIGHT BE A LITTLE OFF, BUT TO THOSE THAT CALL ME AT HOME........ , AND LIKE WHAT I TYPE HERE, THEY DONT CARE......WAITING TO HEAR THE NAME OF THE FIRM THAT LET YOU === TRADE THIS STOCK/ZTHO -S.H.O.R.T.-....PLS PROVE ME TO BE A LIER AND GIVE US THE NAME HERE, OR FORGET ABOUT ANYONE BELIEVING ANY THING YOU TYPE IN THE FUTURE,,,,[[[ I SURLY WONT ]]]......

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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