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  • deacon.debra deacon.debra Dec 6, 2012 12:34 AM Flag

    Before you invest

    There are a few things investors should know about this stock before they invest. First, this co. can sell more product than it can make. Aveka came online to help with that. They built a brand new production facility to produce nothing but ZTHO product. I can't imagine a co. like Aveka wasting money and time to produce ZTHO product if they thought they could not sell it. The recent run up to $3.50/sh. was without merit. There was NO reason for ZTHO to be that high and that's the reason for the recent pullback. It has corrected and is still correcting to a more realistic PPS. When it does settle in at a reasonable PPS it willl be there till the next round of good news and make a new run at a new high. This co. is still basically in it's infancy. It has added new customers on a regular basis and will keep addin g new customers but having customers it can't supply is not good business so it is only taking on what it can handle. As Aveka starts producing more product the customers will be there. They have an all star line-up of sales people and advisors. Look at the recent (last 12 months) hires ZTHO has made. They have hired ex execs from some of the biggest food cos. in the world. These people know the food industry and they know how the food industry works. I could go on all night but the fact of the matter is ZTHO is one of the few real Gems in the rough out there. This co. is doing things right, slow. They have a product that's in demand and they will be able to sell all they can produce. There is no way ZTHO is not atleast a $10 stock sometime in 2013 and I'm being very conservative. $20 is not out of the question. Good luck in whatever you invest in.

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    • Debra,
      Very well put. A few more weeks of this and we are off to the uptrend.................ace

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      • BOTH PEOPLE HERE OWN THE STOCK , AS I AND MY WIFE DOES.WE all feel we are inn a good company with a real future and i dont see that changing as long as the c.e.o. and his people are there......AS I said yesturday , " STEVE " this is the time to go to see the Mmajor Brokerage Firms and tell the story to them , then what the future will be for 2013 and be on.....THE stock is about at the middle price for the year , and these big boys dont like to few you came to them late.They start buying in the $2.00 to $2.50 which they will get shares of stock now---it being tax-time--- they can grow with us older investors in the firm, """ I F.E.E.L. """....THE STORY IS GOOD , THE PRICE IS RIGHT , NOW GO SELL IT TO THEM........*** ENJOY ***

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