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    MUNDELEIN, Ill., Nov. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Z Trim Holdings, Inc. (OTC Markets: ZTHO – News), a bio-technology company providing value-added ingredients to a variety of industries, today announced that its toll manufacturer, Aveka Nutra Processing ("ANP"), has begun producing products for Z Trim Holdings, Inc. ("ZTH").

    ZTH and ANP entered into a tolling agreement last year, providing that ANP would build a facility capable of producing a minimum of 100,000 pounds per month of Z Trim ingredients, with the capability of scaling up to 1 million pounds per month.

    Prices will not remain here much longer. ....................................ace

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    • Can't wait until they're running at 100% production. Cha ching!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Not a good move to be all in 1 stock

      • Do we know that they're not running at 100% currently ?

        On another note, this is the perfect opportunity to buy more of this stock. If this goes back below $2.00 (and it probably will - could go back to $1.50 where there's good support), the smart money will be all over it. Two reporting quarters with Aveka on line will get this stock over $5.00. There was a time many years ago before the 30:1 reverse stock split (with about 25 times more shares outstanding than there are today) that this stock got to $8.92 on news that they had a deal with Nestle. Look at their advisory board and tell me that there's not the potential that several deals could be in the works with companies with as big an impact as Nestle. For those that don't see that, I hope you don't buy! If you're too stupid to see the potential, you don't deserve the reward that's coming. For those that have the mental bandwidth to get it, hang on for a great ride in the next two years.

        The $1.00 or so pullback we've seen recently here will be a small blip on the radar two years from now. Those who sell now will regret their decision.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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