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  • boxcompany1 boxcompany1 Feb 13, 2013 10:26 AM Flag


    I like your name very much. In fact I like you
    You're intelligent, honest and sincere. That
    is why I'm taking the time to present you with
    the following list of interesting stocks. But
    first of all I will tell you about myself
    I am a professional trader & stock analyst for
    many years.I DO NOT make recommendations.
    Over the years I have come across many frauds
    and a lot of stupidity.Example:I shorted FB at $33 and covered
    at $19. Next post will cover more info

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    • I checked out OPK. This stock is legitimate bio
      pharm co. They develop medicine. Getting medicine to market
      requires FDA approval. Very few pass AND it may take $1bb in cost
      Personally I don't invest in these companies [and there are hundreds]
      because of their speculative nature. I was surprised to see MSN Stock
      Scouter gives a 9 rating. 10 is the highest. This stock is not in the same
      league as ZTHO, which is heavily manipilated and has very little money..
      IMO sooner or later they will have to raise money [if their products are
      any good] and that will require substantial dilution. That is why it is promoted.
      My main objection to ZTHO is company is severely underfunded.
      Stay tuned for more

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