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  • kosphopeful kosphopeful Mar 11, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

    Is this just a forum of cowards???

    Even if just to attempt to prove I'm a liar (which won't happen), why hasn't anyone asked for my email exchange with Mr. Chaiken,? Better yet, why hasn't anyone made a call to him to verify the scenario I mentioned ---- or, is it that you HAVE done so, but aren't honest enough to post it?

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    • These crackpots DON'T CARE - Have huge pschological problems
      It's called delusions of grandeur
      They're more than cowards - they're neurotic misfits,one jerk
      in particular - guess who? In a word D O O D Y H E A D S

      Incidentally check out Legend Securities - the market maker

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