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  • eldrupk eldrupk Apr 20, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    So, where are we at here ?

    I'm writing this with the clear understanding that this is a pick me up meant as much for me, as it is for others

    We all have to remember that there's a whole lot to be positive about, & while I know the stock price is down huge off the highs, this downturn may prove to be a golden opportunity to grab some more shares. Taking the emotion out of things is critical to making the right decisions when investing. I've been guilty of allowing my emotions to cloud my thinking over the last several weeks.

    Just some of the positives to remember include a relatively new manufacturing partner in Aveka, which has the ability to scale up production in the future to meet demand. A board of directors that's a virtual who's who in the food business, including former CEO's of no less than McDonald's, Pepsico, Hershey's, Kraft foods, & more. The input & connections these individuals have in the food industry is worth it's weight in gold (even with gold being down recently- ha). The company also released news recently about a "joint development agreement" with Newpark Drilling Fluids. If you haven't been on their website to learn more about them, I would encourage you to do so. They offer drilling fluids & services around the entire globe....Steve Cohen stated that, "Months of testing has proved that our domestically-sourced ingredients possess unique properties differentiating them from ingredients commonly used in the drilling fluids industry, and further, that our ingredients can deliver superior and expanded functionality. Based on these findings, we are optimistic that our products could have a meaningful impact on the energy industry." Pretty strong statement. Hmm Does anyone know how big that industry is ? Let's just say there lots of zeroes after the 1st number. Also, don't forget about the bio fiber gum, which the company just sold for the first time.

    There's a ton of great things to look forward to with Z-trim! This is a GREAT buy at these levels!

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    • The problem with this stock is someone with a few hundred shares can dramatically affect the price - up or down. That causes many to be short term investors - the stock rises a half-buck - better sell, because it might be down a dollar next week. If I had about 100 grand to risk in this stock I could potential be picking up 25 - 50 grand in a week based on fluctuation - really sometimes in a day. That is the real danger. One day it may fall and stay there.

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      • Wow ed, if you could do that if you had about 100 grand, I wonder what you could do if you had a brain. That was the dumbest statement I've ever read. This stock goes up or down about .10 at a time. Once in a while you might see a day when it goes up or down .30 but that's not too often. I've made money on this stock with the movement but I have to buy and then sell a week or more after I buy but sometimes I have to wait a month to sell because it takes that long to go up enough. and even though I make money on it I'm not going to retire next week on my profits. I believe if you had 100 grand you'd be broke in a month. Hey, Thanks for stopping by.

      • ED, let me please say this......I for one dont like the large swings in the price of the stock, but this is not ---IBM-OR-GOOLE---Soooooooooooooooooo,,, with typing that leys call a spade a spade here. The stock is at this point still for most " rated high-risk ".......I believe in the mgmt ist there and the reseach dept. second.....THE product in my option is the best period.....I hv stated and left the names of the products they make and i buy at the store.Most here hv " NEVER TRIED THE SALARD DRESSINGS FOR OPENERS, AS WELL AS THE Z-TRIM PRODUCT TO PUT IN YOUR OWN COOKING OR BAKING FOR A HEALTER WAY OF EATTING ".....THEN also everyone but me here, hv also never gone to see the plant near chicago, or hv gone to a trade show to meet the people working there, try some product , and then " KNOW WHY THEY BUY AND WANT TO INVEST MORE IN THE COMPANY..... ".......I REST MY CASE.....

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