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  • boxcompany1 boxcompany1 Jun 3, 2013 5:35 PM Flag


    32% sales increase in May. I can't resist posting because this is so stupid it makes
    me laugh. Here's why. Year ago 6/30 QUARTER sales $320m. If current 6/30 q increased
    32% sales would be $422m. Here's how far it would go:
    9/30/12 qtr sales were $410m. Guess what final results were? Operating LOSS
    was $1.86mm' cf loss was approx $1.7mm. ZITZ could be out of cash by end of June.
    In the past Brightline made loans conveertible into stock.Guess what?- MORE DILUTION

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    • boxcompany, You have been caught using multiple ID's. You have absolutely no credibility. No one cares what you think or say.

    • In addition ZITZ is planning to introduce supportive chemical to presumably cut cost of fracking.
      I know of AT LEAST 1/ 2 doz . companies doing same thing. Some have spent millions for this
      endeavor. They all claim to be the best. Who is? Who knowa?It's a tough road to to hoe.
      Really & truly & sincerely I hate t see you guys lose money. For your sake I hope not.
      I examine stocks I buy with a microscope. Even then it's risky biz. I gave you some stocks
      I follow. They've done pretty well. 2 weeks ago I gave you CHNG at .50c. Now is .90c

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      • Low life broker called me last week. If i would open an account he'd make me
        rich. His big stock tip is RAD. RAD? Walgreen will take it over. Anything's possible I
        guess. But my call on RAD is it's an outright disaster. In 5 years sales are virtually
        unchanged. 5 yrs ago debt was $6b, it's still $6b. They are on the never never plan.
        Debt will never be paid off. Equity is -$2.5 B. Dollar stores are eatng them for breakfast.
        Insiders are dumping like crazy.What keeps RAD so high? Unscrupulous pimps like
        my caller.AND wise #$%$ ANAL-ISTS. No end to the fast buck artists in this biz

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