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  • muckahoy88 muckahoy88 Jun 20, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    My due diligence

    In trying to figure out whether to invest in this co. my best understanding of what they
    do is make some kind of Hamburger Helper, Difference is has some some special
    technology related to healthy ingredients.So far it seems they can't get off the ground
    to market or mnfr, [or both] the stuff in big enough qty to be profitable. Financial condition
    is not good & developmenal & SGA costs are killing them. I don't understand off the wall
    market cap of $38mm. Seems to me money raise is inevitable with more stock dilution

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    • ALL u hv stated has a ring of truth to it.....Now u hv to check out what they had say just 3-4 years ago , which was a large law-suit by EX-CHAMP George Forman, left by the prev. C.E.O. HALPEN AND HIS FAMILY AS ZTM-CORP.........THEN look at the New C.E.O. and his plan which he has stated many times over the years and hasnt changed once...( i think is a good thing ) , and some here are now not wanting to wait for to happen.....THIS stock/company is still med-to-high risk vs. whats there at the moment. The company vs the chart has always done better in the 2nd half of the it out.......ITS your money and your call till it aint....This is worth a play and if u dont watch it everyday,,, It"s a winner at this level [[---price---]] before the years end...last year the low was $.75 and stock hit $3.50.....I hope thisd help...Keep seaching before buying ....and dont listen to the people here as your final decision to buy or n.o.t.......o.k......INCUDLING ME...AHAHAHAHAHA...HV A NICE DAY

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