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  • frostisking frostisking Sep 5, 2013 6:20 PM Flag

    Total for the day, 9-5-13, is a big fat zero

    That's right, zero, nada, nothing. Nobody bought one share. There's a small group, a very small group of people on this Yahoo MB that own shares in the co. but that's it, nobody else owns shares in this co. and nobody else wants shares in this co. Wow! Not one single share was purchased. What a piece of garbage this is. If you don't own shares in this co., don't buy any.

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    • Volume was one *** s.o.l.d.*** a share of stock at these low prices today......there are a few loyal shareholders on this m.b. In this stock , for the float is small compared to others in the same field, and one investor owning 85% of the companys stock.......if u want to s buy a " piece of garbage its ===bcci=== the make believe coffee company that davidickie is trying to pump here , with a c.e.o. That was and could be again in jail at anytime....its always your choice...till it aint..says davidickie 069...........if u dont own a share, then u shd buy my ===bcci=== at under $.03 net long at $.10 cents and i need to get the stock back up on someones else back this time and not mine...thank you,,, davidickie - the - loser - ================= read his answer or post here then read my answer.....does it look almost the same.....this guy never says anything of worth on the company the people or the product....s0000000000000000000 do u folllllllow or even listen to him on anything....sadly some might.....ill stay with *** z - t r i m ***

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    • Brilliant observations. Thanks for sharing your vast intellect and expansive knowledge of the company.

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      • You're welcome. I do what I can. I will continue to leave whatever information I believe is pertinent to investing in this co. I also should mention that they were supposed to start making money, due to the large amount of product being produced, once the Aveka deal got into high gear. Not only has Aveka been producing product for them all year, but they have not yet made a penny and they have put a choke hold onto Aveka. Aveka was ready to produce the amount of product called for in their deal but ZTHO can't sell the product so they told Aveka they (Aveka) need to cut back on manufacturing. So, after all that time of ZTHO telling their 5 shareholders they would make money if they could produce enough product, they obviously were lying. The product is there but not the customers. This is not going to hurt the investing community in general because there were only about 5 people dumb enough to buy shares in this co. and they're all on this MB. I say too bad for them. If they were dumb enough to buy shares in this garbage they deserve what they get. I will update here on a very regular basis per my invitation by fishy.

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