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  • harrylowe90 harrylowe90 Feb 4, 2014 2:53 PM Flag

    One basher with multiple ID's

    Anyone who's been on here long enough knows boxcumminme1 uses multiple ID's to bash this and other stocks. He has a serious hardon for this co. boxcumminme1and muckahoay88 are the same person and he also uses other ID's.

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    • The bashers and the: Know Nothing People will always be here.....At this point it appears that Z-trim is not out there trying to sell the better brokerage firms to invest in there company.....Till they do the low/lifes here can play there little game and win....but the bottom-line is bashers is " WHAT DID YOU WIN ".... IT sure as hell wasnt money, AND I CAN ALSO GUARANTEE YOU TOO THAT TYPING B/S AND KNOWN-LIES ON THE SHAREHOLDERS ---( which none of you ever were !!! ---) PEOPLE WORKING THERE, AND WHAT THEY SELL , DID NOTHING BUT WASTE FOR THE MOST PART " YOUR-TIME "....NOW THAT I HV BEEN GONE FROM THE BOARD, ITS BEEN DEAD BUT FOR THE LAST THREE PEOPLE WITH 11 DIFF. NAMES PEEING ON EACH OTHERS LEGS , ( like the dogs that they are ) SO LET THEM HV IT ....BUT IM HERE AND AS LONG AS THERE ARE PEOPLE WITH " NO-LIFES " AND A COMPUTER U WILL ALWAYS HV THESE LOSES BEATING THE DRUM TO SAVE SOULS BE IT Z-TRIM---BCCI---CYTR---OR WHAT EVER......ILL WAIT MY TIRN TO JUMP BACK IN WHEN "" I KNOW SOMETHING " AND ILL ADD IT TO THE M.B. IF THERE ARE ANY ===R=E=A=L=== SHAREHOLDERS LEFT HERE AT THAT TIME.....ENJOY.....

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