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  • dusty_brandy dusty_brandy Mar 25, 2003 4:28 PM Flag

    Bin Laden wins! Bush no match...

    BUSH should get the HELL OUT. The ECONOMY, HEALTH CARE and EDUCATION is what he should be spending 74.7 BILLION dollars on instead of fighting a war to make a name for himself.

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    • 74.7 Billion sounds like a lot of money, probably because it is, but of course it is all relative. I don't have the GDP figures in front of me, but what is that about 1-2 % of our GDP for this war? I can live with that. In fact it's money well spent.

      If you want Bush out so badly quit whining about it and try doing something about it. The election is not that far off.

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      • "You are all idoits"


        if anyone thinks this war will actually cost only 74 billion dollars, think again.

        but forget the war for a second. what i want to know is, if President Bush can go to Congress this year, and get 75 Billion dollars as a down payment to conduct a war in a foreign country, however vital it may be, why hasn't ANY president gone to Congress to date and asked for 75 Billion to upgrade the Education and Health Care systems of this country? War must be more important, obviously. our kids and old folks will do fine just scraping by, and don't worry that Social Security will be "unfunded" in a few more years.

      • I didn't vote for BUSH and never will. We would have done allot better even with Gore.

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