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  • bellbell63 bellbell63 Jun 12, 2014 9:13 AM Flag


    Compare BEAV with S&P of 1,2 and 5 year period. Panic knee-jerk reaction to hedge funds was foolish. With this kind of performance I doubt the funds and institutions that hold almost all of BEAV stock would have backed any disruption. With an already high eval I don't see much extra to be gained by split. Will take 2 years until we see how this works out - 1 year until it happens and another year to see financial results.

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    • Right. Hedge fund presence/action didn´t fix a problem that wasn´t there.

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      • I disagree

        Large institutional investors moved into BEAV in 2014 to effect change.
        They have protected the core aero interiors business from Koury's
        actions to divert focus and possibly resources for its future growth.

        No signs of Koury inspired weakness in aero interiors so far in 2014,
        but folks with sophisticated insights into the BEAV books noted this
        behavior of "taking from the strong & giving to the poor" within BEAV.

        Enough large investors have banded together to direct a split up
        of the firm into its 2 major units. Separately these 2 individual units
        will have to survive & grow on their own merits.

        If you allow historic data to direct your judgement, then things look
        just peachy....however there are real signs that future problems
        would arise if Koury's was allowed to continue his actions. Large
        activist investors have stepped in to protect theirs (& all shareholders)
        future investment returns from BEAV.

        IMO, you ain't seen nothing yet, from BEAV !
        And shareholders will benefit handsomely.

        Only traders who bought BEAV just after the May 1 announcements
        and subsequent pop, might be sad over the next 12 months.
        But those investors were spec traders anyway, who entered at the
        highest valuations. I have no sympathy for them.

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