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  • salemthecat100 salemthecat100 Jul 3, 2012 8:24 PM Flag

    AutoNation restores full 401k match

    Was only a 12.5% match, now a 50% match

    This is a positive sign that the company sees continued growth now and in the future.

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    • Your a Big Liar... LOL!!!! You make an sound good.. They rob there employees and pay themselves,

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      • Most employees haven't seen a pay raise in 5-10 YEARS!! How does a company who is" doing so well" justify it? Simple, it's all smoke and mirrors, they are moving money that's all...from one store to the next. Many dud stores were opened in the last 5 years and are losing money, and they take from the profitable stores to keep the others afloat, cars are sold from one store to another to show another "unit sold" on the books. Maroone blew millions of his friends money at the romney fundraiser at his house in Ft Lauderdale, all just to lose the election. Get ready for the next Enron folks. They are running their stores into the ground, desperately opening the service departments on Sundays, hoping the smoke and mirror show will go on long enough until the economy, no, IF the economy recovers. Every successful dealership they buy begins to under perform due to cutting staff, cutting pay, and poor management. How long can it go on?

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    • iknowwhowasdrivingthatnight iknowwhowasdrivingthatnight Jul 7, 2012 12:38 AM Flag

      Liar Liar , pants on Fire . Its a 401 K made up of smoke and mirrors. Was 12.5 % now 50 % BUT that match is only on the 1st 1 % of your total income so if you make $ 50,000 its 50% of $ 500 or $ 250 Whoop T Do and its AN stock , the rest is not matched . What a crock of crap !

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