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  • standiferdholcom standiferdholcom Dec 18, 1997 6:55 PM Flag

    just don't know

    this stock scares me to death. just don't know what's up or where it is going.I bought this stock at 40,don't got much choice but to keep it,unless someone got some inside infro.

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    • Thank You

    • with an average "make ready"cost per used vehicle at Auto Nation
      of $900 and an astronomical aquisition cost , I doubt very
      seriously that AN can be competitive on price with any of the
      independents. I think they will be on other fronts such as ad-
      vertising, interest rates, etc.

    • "I've seen one claim that RII can lower the price of a car by $500. I saw another that it is closer to $1,000."

      My source for the $500 number was a sales & marketing column in the Denver Post or the Rocky Mountain News. I read it on the internet at the time of the Elway dealership acquisition (October 29), commenting about the impact of that acquisition, quoting dealers.

      The higher figure was from an article about Republic in July in a car magazine. I recall the wording was "near $1,000." Take it for what it's worth.

    • Thanks for the important message.

      T Newman
      Newman Chevrolet Oldsmobile

    • GMClr:

      Here's what you said:

      "Just like your reply to me - you insinuated that I was hiding something from you in my message to another car dealer."

      Frankly, I'm not very good at reading minds, especially folks I don't know. May I suggest that you quote the basis for your comments in the future. That way we'll know what it is that you're are disagreeing with. Your comment to the other dealer was cryptic, no doubt about it. Thanks for clarifying.

      Whle your dealership may be the exception that proves the rule, there's no question that auto dealers have earned their
      negative reputation in the marketplace. That's why there's an opportunity for the likes of RII. While there has been an attempt by
      some in the retail auto biz to change sales practices, anyone with an open mind knows that the frustrating sales tactics are
      still very much in use by the industry. RII is trying to get auto retailing into the mainstream of American retailing, at least in
      terms of how the customer is treated and the sales tactics used to deliver the product.

      When was the last time you talked to someone who had too many excellent auto repair choices to choose from? Or had too many "honest" car dealers to choose from? The stereotypical auto dealer is based on real life experiences. Unfortunately there are still too many who fit that profile. And that's exactly why the industry is consolidating.


    • What I meant is that, from reading the messages posted here, it seems people still believe that dealers are "out to get them." How would "getting" somebody help the long-term success of our dealership? Just like your reply to me - you insinuated that I was hiding something from you in my message to another car dealer. Stereotypes are sometimes warranted, but in today's world a dealer cannot live the stereotype and still be in business for long.

    • In no way do I think that RII builds, or should build cars.

      I bought this new car at a GM dealer, but it was covered by a third party, extended warranty purchased from that same dealer when I had the 29 day service visit.

      What burned me up was that the service mgr at the dealer allowed my vehicle to sit in his shop for the 29 days, including a week when the mechanic working on it took a vacation.

      The quality of the dealer's service was defective. I have no problem with GM, other than allowing franchises to continue with such disregard for the customer.

      Another time (same dealer, routine service) it sat for almost two weeks waiting for a cooling system hose that was not in stock. Why they couldn't find the right part somewhere in the world & ship it in overnight is beyond me.

      My assertion is that with incompetence like that in the industry, a well managed RII should prosper.

    • "Isn't is amazing what some people believe."

      Scott, please explain what you mean. Or is it a secret reserved for car dealers only?


    • Isn't IT amazing.

    • Yes. Isn't is amazing what some people believe.

      Scott Wood
      Wood Chevrolet-Pontiac-Olds-Buick-GMC, Inc.
      Pisgah Forest / Brevard, NC

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