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  • mary5connelly79 mary5connelly79 Aug 24, 2011 8:34 AM Flag

    Financials are ready to rebound

    Well, I'm going to dip my toe in the water here and dollar cost average every few months. No doubt banks/financials will continue to be a rocky ride going forward, however, when you look at BofA and compare with STI there really is no comparison - STI is doing very well.

    As far as the folks complaining about new fees, get over it, as others mention, every bank will be doing it. If every bank is tacking on fees, then you'll have very few places to turn to. Additionally, as far as the fees go, generally they apply to those who maintain low balances. We've been with BofA for about 20 years (as a result of acquisitions) and have never paid any banking fees. Over the past few years, BofA has in fact raised fees - for those who maintain low balances. If you want to avoid the fees - simple - just set up direct deposit of your paycheck and maintain some minimum balance. It costs money for the bank to simply maintain your account - if you plan to keep an average balance of $100, then guess what - you're going to be charged monthly fees.

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