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  • TeamNY TeamNY Apr 13, 1999 11:31 PM Flag

    STI and the bank stocks

    Check it out:

    For a great way to watch a
    specific industry, go to and
    look on the right hand column for the link to the
    banks, fin services, investment, Nasdaq 100, and the
    internet stocks (first and second tier). You can see who
    is moving and why. The center column has the stocks
    on the move. It is up to date even for the recent
    IPOs. There is also information on the site about
    internet IPO fundamentals. They respond to comments and
    suggestions quickly. The searches page has many useful
    applications as well.

    They are offering free issues
    of business magazines such as Forbes, Money,
    Fortune, Barrons etc.. to people who visit the site. Just
    look on the bottom.


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    • well sun trust is boring,, soon as i get close to even..DUMP

    • this board has gotten really boring. Where are all the insightful comments?

    • STI won't move again until it has proven to the
      market it can digest the Crestar acquisition and the
      market rewards STI with a run-up in stock price.
      Interesting rumors about NatCity and Key--NCC was rumored to
      be looking hard at WB. Check out the WB boards--they
      have had a series of senior management changes, with
      the speculation that their "top guns" are grabbing
      parachutes before selling out.

    • it's hard to get excited about another bank merger given the Y2K issue. I just don't think you will see much action until this thing blows over.

    • What about a WB and STI merger,it makes sense with what is going
      on in the market place today. I think either STI or ONE will try to
      move on WB. Any ideas out there?

    • cause real money would scare me to death. NB
      calimed they paid 2.75x book in the propoganda they put
      out at the time of the Boatman deal....PR Newswire
      also says 2.75. Whatever.... I'll be watching FSR with
      greater interest now that you've brought it to our
      attention....sounds like a very agressive group with a real mission
      on their mind. Ain't it fun! I enjoy and appreciate
      your insight(s)...

    • dig into the archives, Nations paid over 4x book
      for Boatmans. By the way did you see the article in
      American Banker where their analyst put a 12 month price
      target of $81 on FSR (someone more optomistic than
      me!!). I guess a bet for bragging rights only, I'll post
      a message as to your superior intellect and insight
      if I'm wrong.

      I'll stay in touch. Best of

    • FSR overpaid for MTL....3.4 x book. The bigger St
      louis Bank sold for 2.7 x to NB not too long ago..
      Aggressive acquirers don't command a very high PE in the
      bank business,unless it's a supa deal...this one's
      not. When the market figures this out and hammers the
      stock, maybe that's when STI or someone else will move
      on them..... OK, what's the bet, I'm on>

    • forget 1999 EPS and concentrate on 2000 when the
      old FSR and now the MTL mergers will be in full
      effect. I'll make you a friendly wager, FSR will hit 60
      by the end of the year (barring a global financial
      crisis). If you haven't followed FSR in the past (the old
      Star bank) remember they are up over 700% in the last
      five years, did a 3-1 split a little over 2 years ago
      at 100 and got back there again. The CEO has said he
      can make 100 again within two years and I don't doubt
      him a bit.

      Am I a cheerleader for FSR, you
      bet. I worked for a bank that was acquired by Star in
      Feb 1998. The deal was announced 9/97 at 44/shr (post
      split equivalent of $13 and change).

    • and I drink a diet coke every morning before work, but it doesn't help the price of KO or STI. When is this great bank going to re-reward its shareholders with an $80 price?

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