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  • nice try, trying to push up a stock. hope it works for you

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    • SunTrust is selling off it's credit card operation.
      A lot of folks in Orlando to be layed off.

    • <EOM>

    • I can't speak for Atlanta, but here in Nashville
      FTN has several instore locations that are open on
      Saturdays and most holidays. NBC has also built nearly
      their entire bank on instore locations with similar
      hours. I think that several banks are "catching on".
      Awareness of the locations (and that a lot are full
      service) is the problem.

    • Thanks to you and the others with civil replies
      and an awareness of the benefits of being courteous.
      Even anonymously, those who speak for STI do indeed
      represent the company to many people -- potentially
      customers and shareholders -- who check these message
      boards. My question about minor holidays, naive or not,
      was at least an expression of what a great many
      people have often wondered. And fortunately, some of us
      have managed to make a great deal of money in STI
      stock despite an inadequate knowledge of the ways and
      means of the Federal Reserve system. See you at Motley

    • <EOM>

    • Ok here is a big surprise to everyone. ST has
      over 45 locations open in the metro Atlanta area on
      evry holiday except Christmas and Thanksgiving! These
      are the only 2 days that Publix is closed. So to
      answer your question.....when are the other banks going
      to catch on?

    • Why is it that Citibank can take a credit card
      payment over the phone from a Wachovia account and
      charges $0 for the convenience.
      On the other hand, STI
      charges $12 for this service (assumedly from even their
      own accounts). Also, their credit card services line
      is not open 24 hours. This is a TOP TEN bank, hello?

    • Bravo...finally someone who is willing to provide
      an intelligent answer to a simple question. Thanks
      for responding so nicely to "mabob"

      Such a
      shame that this board is not a forum for informed,
      serious watchers of SunTrust. Many of those who post, if
      they had any financial interest in the company would
      recognize the damage they do to their own pocketbooks by
      their bitter, scarcastic, rude and irresponsible
      comments. Duh...

    • If the banks were to open on a Holiday that they
      have previously honored,do you think it would be
      profitable for them to open and pay ovetime? I realy don't
      think.........I believe STI tried saturdays years ago and that
      proved costly.

    • You asked a very good question and took a lot of
      abuse, which is typical of this Yahoo board. Next time
      for serious questions seeking valid answers use the
      Motley Fool site where the people are more considerate
      and better informed. As an aside, the Atlanta Fed in
      bygone years stayed open on minor holidays so that banks
      in their district could service customers. Pressure
      from the federal government stopped this practice so
      the banks could no longer clear checks or trade funds
      and are now forced to close. The next day transaction
      date at the grocery store, while a convenience, is
      costly and cumbersome.

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